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a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution

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Ginsberg said the search committee will include the board members and Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie.
The NSBA surveyed a nationwide sampling of the approximately 95,000 school board members across the nation.
Fairbairn (IL), Secretary-Treasurer Louis Ortale (IA), President-Elect Fred Board (NY), Board Member at Large Leonard Heise (IL), Board Member at Large Seth Henderson (OK), Board Member at Large James Massenberg (NC), Board Member at Large Paul Messmer (DC), Board Member at Large John Whitaker (TX), Board Member at Large
While the librarian should not be directly involved in the selection of board members, an alert librarian can supply names of likely candidates from the community for consideration.
Further, training for board members may be deficient or absent altogether.
And those board members, incidentally, were fully capable of reading a spreadsheet.
The employees have appointed Lillan Thoren and Rigmor Lindback, HAF, as Board Members.
Get to know your board members, house rules and the building's financial picture.
The last time I checked, I thought there were seven board members, not one board president,'' he said.
In the past, fairness opinions have been used as a defense to provide protection to board members regarding the price paid for an acquisition.
Urban and suburban districts are much more likely than rural districts to have student board members.
Board members can also earn anywhere from $45,000 to $150,000 a year in cash and stock.
As this column has outlined in the past, corporate boardrooms have long been plagued by the problem of dead or otherwise inanimate board members.
But very few people know how the board members are selected or what qualifies a person to be a board member.
Several board members only charge one or two allowances per month, mostly for board meetings.