body mass index

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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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Those on the diet looking to check their own progress can do so using the weight loss calculator and Free BMI calculator as well as sharing their weight loss success stories via the website or Diet Chef social media channels.
Find out how your unborn baby is changing from week to week with its interactive pregnancy calendar or use the BMI calculator to find out whether you are a healthy weight.
There is also a BMI calculator that helps determine if you are a healthy weight in the first place.
Even the not-so-health-conscious start thinking about their Body Mass Index ( BMI) when they chance upon a health website flashing a BMI calculator or hear platitudes like 'Anything above 25 is overweight; anything above 30 is obese.
My use of the Wii BMI calculator showed that it was inappropriate for children and would categorize children incorrectly," Dzewaltowski said.
The CDC provides a BMI calculator at this link: http://www.
Another tool available is the BMI calculator which determines obesity level and provides an ideal weight range based on height and current weight.
Don't Gain Weight - A person's ideal body mass index should be no more than 25 on a BMI calculator, a goal that can help to avoid hernias and many other health issues.
0 is a simple BMI calculator that helps users determine and reach a healthy weight.
You just align your weight with your height, and your BMI will appear in the window in the circle - much easier than whipping out your calculator or finding an online BMI calculator.
The new Q and Me app for Apple and Android-based devices now allows users to access important tools while on the go: Food Log, Activity Log, and BMI Calculator.