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a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

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He is also one of the people who wrote a blurb for my very first book, Tree Tall Woman.
One section (the Press Lounge) gives news quote, and blurbs on 401(k)issues and another lists career opportunities.
reads some fake computer type that precedes the first chapter), cheesy jacket blurbs from Robert Redford and Stephen King, and occasionally hyperbolic prose, The Hot Zone seems targeted like a cruise missile for the best-seller list.
If you don't need a library to remember the underground press, you'll know what you're buying here when we tell you that the pages you expect to find at the beginning of a paperback--full of laudatory blurbs signed by famous names--also include rejection letters for this book's manuscript.
Eyetracking observations of users reading RSS news feeds showed that people scan the headlines and blurbs in feeds even more ruthlessly than they scan newsletters.
Reinventing the CFO has lots of good things going for it, not the least of which is an effusive set of cover blurbs from CFOS themselves talking about "redefining the role of finance," "a wake-up call for CFOs and their colleagues" and "essential reading for individuals taking on the senior finance role.
Four of the six blurbs on the back of Susan Jacoby's Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism, published in May 2004, refer directly or indirectly to the Bush presidency--what Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Marshall shares tips, too, but gives them in quick bites with swell '50s photos and those little cartoon blurbs so you don't feel foolish that you didn't know that curtains will hang better with coins sewn into the lining or that white vinegar does have a purpose (besides salad dressing).
The project, from publisher Barrington Stoke in partnership with charity Booktrust and Liverpool's Alt Valley Learning Network, tasked pupils with coming up with 50-word blurbs for stories.
About 250 news blurbs are added each week, written and edited by Americana staff.
The journal's freewheeling editorial policy is epitomized by the section titled "Feedback" at the end of each issue of the first volume, where blurbs from various video groups or individuals are crudely pasted together on a skewed grid.
Reader and advertiser feedback led to changes and new sections including: "The Radar Screen," blurbs on the latest industry happenings; "Power Source," a how-to column on outsourcing solutions; "Niche Marketing" focuses on emerging trends in full-service lists, professional services, and direct marketing firms; "Interactive Strategy" examines new marketing technology; "The Profile," interviews with top DMA members; and "Roundtable," experts tackle a major industry topic.