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a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes

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If symptoms cannot be isolated to just one part of the body, there is a helpful "'General' Symptoms" section at the end of the book, covering such topics as Low Birth Weight Baby, Looking Pale or Anemic, Bluish Skin, Bleeding--Spontaneous and General, Body Swollen with Excess Fluid (Edema), Weight Loss--Progressive, Trembling or Shaking, Fever--Recurrent Attacks, Abnormal Hunger, and Raging Thirst.
For children these include-rapid or difficulty breathing, not drinking enough fluids, extreme lethargy, not waking up, high fever with flu-like symptoms and a rash (which may improve only to return), bluish skin colour.
Early flu-like symptoms, such as chills and chest pains in the first two days after exposure, give way to bluish skin, labored breathing and low blood pressure after three to five days.
Sudden breathlessness, during activity or at rest * Sharp chest pain that may become worse with inhalation * Light-headedness or fainting * Wheezing * Clammy or bluish skin * Rapid or irregular heartbeat * Excessive sweating * Weak pulse
The thrush-sized bird is greenish-olive with a light-colored breast, a distinctive featherless, pink face with bluish skin around the eye extending to the bill and a narrow line of hair-like feathers down the centre of the crown.