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New Delhi [India], Feb 6 ( ANI ): Leader in portable digital product market Portronics has announced launch of "Thunder Mini" - an intelligent and portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM which offers numerous options of connection to deliver an excellent quality sound.
The new cooperation combines the HTC One M9 smartphone with the new Harman Kardon One Bluetooth speaker.
Philips AEA7100 Bluetooth Speaker and wireless mic with the StarMaker App for a reality singing competition at home.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 22 (ANI): Leader in portable digital product market, Toreto, on Friday launched its 'Twin Magno Speaker', a magnetic and stylish wireless bluetooth speaker with hands-free experience.
The Bluetooth speaker weighs 237g and features two 2.
The LBT-SPPCPSL-G Series, which comes in three chic pairings - gold and silver, blue and silver, and red and silver, is a highly recommended Bluetooth speaker that fits neatly into your gym bag, purse or travel buggy.
com)-- OrigAudio, the leader in innovative portable audio products, is excited to announce two new products as part of their spring line: the Jellybox Bluetooth speaker and the Juicebox, a convenient, mobile, device charger.
The robot's back is fitted with a Creative D80 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and LED lights that flash red, blue and green inside the sculpture as the music plays, and there is even a 24-key infrared controller which can be set to change which colours flash in time to the music.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 8 (ANI): Portronics has launched "SoundGrip"- a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker with extraordinary sound clarity at Rs.
The Chorus is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can be charged via a charging dock.
TELL us the funniest things you've heard at football and you can win a VIBE Beat Portable Bluetooth Speaker, RRP PS99.
8220;We are expecting that with a very competitive price, we should find a home in the large Bluetooth speaker product category,” said Brandon Jacobson, Marketing and Sales Executive at Sungale.
95 Bluetooth speaker connects to Apple's iPhone 5, iPad Mini or fourth generation iPad via the Lightning dock connector, which discreetly sits under a panel on the front of the device.
18 (ANI): Pebble, a dealer of power banks and branded mobile accessories in India on Wednesday announced the launch of Dazzle, a Bluetooth speaker with RGB dancing lights, at a price of Rs 2399.
The appearance of the Moktak Bluetooth speaker resembles the wooden sound instrument of Buddhist monks.