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receiver consisting of a pair of headphones

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The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 will available at the select Bose Stores and the Bose dealer network in GCC, Middle East & Africa.
The Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 integrates Bose full-range audio and A2DP, and comes in right-ear and left-ear versions.
There is a reasonable expectation to provide employees with the most cost-effective solution (an IP phone and wired headset), but enables employees to BYOD for the Bluetooth headsets.
Market in Wireless Bluetooth Headset Category with TONE(TM) Series[[/para]]
CellPoint Connect develops, manufactures and markets the Flamingo Bluetooth Headset, a wireless headset using patent-pending EarClick(TM) technology for a comfortable fit and also nXZEN and nX6000 with extreme "noise cancellation" technology.
LG Electronics (LG) said it has sold its 10 millionth LG TONE(TM) Series Bluetooth headset globally since launching the series in October 2010.
The sound experience is always the main parameter when users of Bluetooth headsets evaluate their products or prioritize product features", stated Anders Bo Rasmussen, Director of Product Management for Jabra.
4 GHz CDP lets consumers chat on the phone using a Bluetooth headset while wirelessly surfing the Internet or accessing email on a laptop anywhere in the home--all from a single cordless data phone.
Ericsson recently unveiled the Bluetooth Headset, a cellular phone headset that connects to a mobile phone by a radio link instead of a cable.
1) Cutting-edge style is a big part of the new cell phones and Bluetooth headset from Motorola.
VoxTube 500 is a Bluetooth headset which comes in a unique tubular shaped body of anodized aluminum.
The MoGo Talk is the World's thinnest Bluetooth headset that stores and charges directly on Smartphones and delivers superior audio quality, perfect for mobile telephony including emerging Unified Communication Applications.
The IP version of the ESI Cellular Management Access Device, as well as the ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface, are scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year.
The Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab report, "Comfort Most Important Feature for Bluetooth Headsets: Owners Want In-Ear and Loop," investigates purchase behavior and satisfaction with various Bluetooth headset attributes.