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a viral disease of sheep and cattle that is transmitted by biting midges

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The midge-borne bluetongue disease is unsettling for livestock farmers, who are being warned that there is nothing to be gained by failing to vaccinate.
Bluetongue disease, the lethal virus borne by midges, crossed the channel from the Continent last summer.
Fivemillion doses of bluetongue disease vaccine are in the pipeline
Your article may have given readers the false impression that Bluetongue disease is not a threat now that the weather has become colder.
The arrival of the first cases of bluetongue disease in the UK this summer and the impact of the resultant movement restrictions in large parts of the country mean a steep learning curve for farmers.
THE next decade will see a "polarisation" of the agricultural industry in Wales and the deadly bluetongue disease is likely to be "endemic".
Sadly, the planned visit of reindeer has had to be shelved due to restrictions in place because of bluetongue disease.
She added: "These high prices have also prompted a divergence between the value of arable land and pasture for the first time in several years, exacerbated by the effects on livestock farmers of the current outbreaks of foot-and-mouth and bluetongue disease.
A show spokesman said: "Livestock entries for the event have not been unduly affected by the impact of bluetongue disease which has restricted live stock movement in some parts of the country.
According to Mr Binns, this is a situation that is growing steadily worse as the industry struggles with the effects of both foot-and-mouth and now bluetongue disease.
Farmers within bluetongue disease protection zones will be able to obtain the vaccine on prescription at an expected cost of about 70p a shot.
THE NFU has praised a move by Marks & Spencer to extend its lamb pledge giving a guaranteed minimum price to more British farmers in the wake of foot-and-mouth and bluetongue disease.
Ms Jones said it had been a challenging nine months since she became a minister, having had to deal with a succession of crises including Shambo the bullock, foot-and-mouth, bluetongue disease and the refusal of the UK Government to compensate Welsh farmers.
THE outbreak of bluetongue disease has thwarted a giraffe's hopes of finding a mate, a zoo said yesterday.
Under EU regulations the vaccination could only be used in a bluetongue disease protection zone, and the only one in Wales lies south of the A40.