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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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This collection presents a number of new ways of thinking about the Bluestockings through imaginative analyses that illuminate unexplored dimensions of the Bluestockings.
Vigee-Le-Brun lived there, and even more intriguing to imagine that, with Eliza's French connections, Henry Austen and Eliza de Feuillide occasionally crossed paths with the Bluestockings or with Mme.
But attempting to convince a sceptical public that it's more about bluestockings than fishnet stockings is the wrong tactic.
She would have been surprised and amused to hear that, in a building where the bones of Saxon kings and bishops lie, and which contains memorials to some other remarkable women, including Elizabeth Montagu, "queen of the bluestockings," who is buried here, Charlotte M.
Similarly, her fourth chapter on women's intellectual writing in the romantic era usefully reminds us of the large body of "textual evidence of sustained ratiocination" by women in the romantic era, but again covers well-trodden ground, drawing heavily on Sylvia Harcstock Myers' book on the Bluestockings.
47) FROM the author of Bluestockings comes this moving social history of illegitimacy and the moral force of stigma in 20th century Britain.
Specifically feminine 'polite' accomplishments and intellectual exchanges were valued in Georgian society, from Queen Charlotte and the bluestockings to the smallest country town gatherings.
Jennifer Avery is a sophomore resumed under graduate (RUE) student at Brown University, where she is an art editor for Bluestockings Magazine.
Individual topics include Swift and Lord Berkeley, Pope's dedication of the 1736 </Dunciad/> to Swift, re-impressed type in </A Tale of the Tub/, Swift's authorship of "The Difficulty of Knowing One's Self," Swift's </Works/> of the 1750s, Swift and the philosopher's stone, newer light on darker authors, Swift's satire on enthusiasm, Swift and a dull country squire, acclamation by an imperfect muse, Prior's and Swift's Daphne, the art of cosmetics, Swift's self-loathing, Houyhnnmland, Swift amongst the bluestockings, Shaftesbury's aversion, Aldous Huxley as a modern Swift, the economy and anthropology of early eighteenth-century literature, patriotism and discontent, and candid interpretations of Real's take on Swift and his world.
The revitalization of the tartan in the early nineteenth century operated as a cipher for renewed Scottish nationalism, and, to caricature an educated literary lady, one only had to refer to her imagined bluestockings.
A former researcher for Amnesty Inter national and Human Rights Watch with a background in Latin America, she has also worked with Queers for Economic Justice and Bluestockings, a women's bookstore in New York.
Taking inspiration from the 18th century women's movement, The Bluestockings, the group decided to focus on a different theme for intellectual stimulation at each of their monthly get-togethers.
See Silvia Federici, "Precarious Labor: A Feminist Viewpoint," text of a lecture delivered in October 2006 at Bluestockings bookstore in New York, as part of the discussion series "This Is Forever: From Inquiry to Refusal.
And just to keep the spirit of Cambridge alive, each of the rooms is themed by college: the Somerville room, one of the first women's colleges, has a photo of a lady in bluestockings, and the Homerton room a picture of a couple dancing in front of Latin American-style tenement buildings (former student Julie Covington scored an international number one with the song Don't Cry for Me Argentina).