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a woman having literary or intellectual interests


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This collection presents a number of new ways of thinking about the Bluestockings through imaginative analyses that illuminate unexplored dimensions of the Bluestockings.
An examination of the role played by La Roche and Clodius in the reception of the Bluestockings will demonstrate how women writers in Germany looked to pre-eminent women in other countries as they themselves gained opportunities to enter a more public sphere.
Maia Ramnath of New York City's Bluestockings puts it this way, "To expect us to compete with large corporations at their own game misses the entire point of our existence, which is precisely to offer an alternative to the value system and economic structure they represent.
College girls; bluestockings, sex kittens, and coeds, then and now.
Blue jeans more so than blue stockings are in evidence virtually any night of the week at Bluestockings, a lesbian cafe-activist center on New York's Lower East Side.
She would have been surprised and amused to hear that, in a building where the bones of Saxon kings and bishops lie, and which contains memorials to some other remarkable women, including Elizabeth Montagu, "queen of the bluestockings," who is buried here, Charlotte M.
But all four women were confronted, especially in the 1840s, with the social ostracism of female authors and intellectuals as bas bleus, bluestockings.
New York's Bluestockings bookstore for women, which just celebrated its first anniversary, is run collectively and serves as a space for public events.
But attempting to convince a sceptical public that it's more about bluestockings than fishnet stockings is the wrong tactic.
There are a lot of people around the East Village"--where she now lives with her girlfriend, founder of the women's bookstore Bluestockings, and their miniature pinscher, Murray--"who take the families they were given and leave them, then make their own.
It is not hard to see why Colette always felt more of an affinity with the courtesans, actresses, and artistes she frequented in her youth than she did with the bluestockings, the militants for women's rights, or the gentlewomen of letters living on their allowances.
Alessa Johns's book explores the cultural transfer of "knowledge, methods, people, and goods" (1) between Britain and Germany between 1750-1837 within what she conceptualizes as a wider circle of the Bluestockings to look at specific cultural transfer activities.
Bluestockings is a community center, hosting book clubs, yoga classes, and sober poly mixers.
Founded last summer by Kadlec, who is based out of Massachusetts, Bluestockings Boutique is an alternative, ecofriendly lingerie and underthings website aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community.