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common jay of eastern North America

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The reaction from renters at 341 EPW features exceeded our expectations, and reinforces the fact that there is a pent-up demand for fresh housing options in Crown Heights," said Marc Jacobowitz of Bluejay Management.
Many critters pass through the front yard; small Florida gray squirrels, the stone species as their northern cousins, but leaner and better equipped for the long summers; juvenile fruit rats, indistinguishable from gerbils; a black snake, with a white bib and large, round eyes; and a Noah's ark of birds: varieties of doves, blackbirds, cardinals, finches, sparrows, robins (in winter), and bluejays.
bragg's anubis, with corn, oars, honey, and the door, write silly gilly gumball, a chamomile bluejay and lactose intolerant neanderthals
Knowing that the bluejay on my feeder is a bird, for instance, does some of the work in explaining why it has a beak.
Mike Peterson's dog, broke a lot faster than he did in the heats and dominated the pounds 500 decider from start to finish, beating 5-2 favourite Bluejay Risky by a length-and-a-half in 27.
They found several cultivars, such as Brunswick and Bluejay, to be resistant to both phases of mummy berry infection.
In early October, in a remote village in northern Tajikistan, two sport utility vehicles with diplomatic plates pulled up in front of the office of a small nongovernmental organization, and several Native Americans--Buffalo Big Mountain, Bluejay Littlejohn, Sabastain Snowsnake Big Mountain and James White Wolf Big Mountain--emerged to a warm welcome.
com)-- Larry Adreme, President and CEO of Bluejay Sales, inc.
Creighton Bluejay to Play at TD Ameritrade Park, Home of College World Series (http://bizofbaseball.
Stickney trying to explain the long history of bird names and why has mankind deemed them terms, from the obvious Bluejay to the less obvious goose.
How long this can carry on for is anyone's guess, but if Mr Packham insists on persisting then perhaps I can offer the following suggestions: The Boy With The Faun In His Side, There Is A Kite That'll Never Go Out and Hang The Bluejay.
You'd save more energy over the year by replacing one light bulb with a CFL [compact fluorescent lightbulb] or turning off the air conditioner for an hour--not an hour a day, one hour at some point over the whole year," says consumer advocate Michael Bluejay.
Inkworld is under siege; until a ransom is delivered in the form of Bluejay, Adderhead and his minions will continue to take all the peasants' children.
In early May, a rather large and equally cheeky bluejay decided to share dining facilities with Squirrelly on a permanent basis.