Bluegrass Country

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an area in central Kentucky noted for it bluegrass and thoroughbred horses

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About Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa Enveloped by rolling Bluegrass Country Hills, Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa at 1800 Newton Pike in Lexington, KY is a true urban oasis.
Coastline Bluegrass Music Event is staging one of Britain's top bluegrass country music weekends on May 29-31.
From the youngest sibling, Molly-Kate, to the oldest member, Pop Jere, this family embody the Bluegrass Country dream with their own unique sound and creative ideas.
MUSIC: Uncle Earl is an all-female group playing fiddle-led, banjo-style bluegrass country music with a touch of Celtic balladeering.
Bluegrass country versions of Cliff Richard, Scissor Sisters, Sex Pistols and Judas Priest?
It is an icy Monday morning on the back roads of Kentucky's bluegrass country.
Ricks Natural Star, a thoroughbred with more notoriety than victories, is headed for retirement and a life of leisure in Kentucky's bluegrass country.
Paddock is a collection of bedroom, dining room and occasional furniture in a traditional style with the casual flavor of Kentucky's bluegrass country.
Whether it's the primary ingredient of a favorite drink or a flavor enhancer in cooking, folks in Bluegrass Country know that bourbon is a classic.
5-1; WAMU's Bluegrass Country, a bluegrass and Americana station, at 88.
About Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa Enveloped by the rolling Bluegrass Country hills, one Keeneland hotel stands above the rest with Southern hospitality and ambiance.