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low-growing annual herb of southwestern United States (Texas) having silky foliage and blue flowers

a brimless dark blue Scottish cap with a flat top and a plume on one side


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The scheme pays tribute to ASA's hub in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and other airports served in the state by displaying a field of Texas bluebonnets as well as a Texas map and flag.
Again she found joy in nature--in the vast quantities of Texas bluebonnets that covered the fields and roadsides of the Hill Country.
Robert Earl Keen's final offering for Sugar Hill records - he's moving on to a major-label deal with Arista Texas - is an in-concert work that plays nicely to his strengths, while throwing in two new songs worth savoring (``I'm Going to Town'' and ``Where the Bluebonnets Grow'').
When the seeds bloom in the spring, a sea of beautiful bluebonnets will serve as a reminder of each adoptive family, birthparent, and child Gladney has served over the last 126 years.
FREDERICKSBURG, Texas, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluebonnets.
While some of its work is based in the lab--for example, researchers have identified which plants make the best hosts for the partly parasitic Indian paintbrush and have discovered ways to make bluebonnets perform better in the field--the NWRC is perhaps best known for its highway beautification projects, in which native seeds are sprinkled alongside and down the center of highways from Wyoming to Texas.
And we have had -- I'm not sure that they're there now, but we have had buckets of the bluebonnets over on the Rose Garden side.
TEXAS-BORN SONGBIRD NANCI Griffith sings a ballad, "Gulf Coast Highway," about a homestead that is "the only place bluebonnets grow.