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a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions

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Next I dug a shallow trench along the foundation and covered the entire house with 1-1/2 blueboard four feet wide, fastened about every foot with drywall screws through special plastic washers.
the global leader in Java(TM) semiconductor solutions for the Wireless Internet, today announced that the company is demonstrating rapid development of "killer apps" via its BLUEboard and WHITEboard during the CommunicAsia Show, June 6-9, 2000 in Singapore.
BlueChat lets Palm Tungsten T handheld users send private messages directly between devices, and BlueBoard is a portable whiteboard that allows users to share images or drawings across handhelds in real time.
All three Bluetooth applications - BlueBoard, a portable whiteboard that allows users to share drawings in real-time; BlueChat, a private messaging and chat application; and now Colligo Meeting - offer an easy way to wirelessly increase work efficiency over short-range wireless connections.
Prior to the agreement, the Company had reserved a fixed percentage of sales of its Blueboard printers for royalty payments.
Our superb revenue growth reflects increased demand for the super-wide Blueboard printer as well as consumables sales to our expanding installed base.
Finally, a third area is a dedicated output printing area that provides two NUR Salsa printers, a NUR Fresco printer and a NUR Blueboard printer for dedicated use by training staff and customers.
We also introduced and began shipping the NUR Blueboard HiQ+(TM), the latest generation in the flagship NUR Blueboard family of superwide printing systems.
NASDAQ NM: NURTF), manufacturer of the market-leading NUR Blueboard digital inkjet printing system, today announced that it has appointed Efi Weinreb to be the Company's new Vice President for Research and Development
The growth in both revenues and earnings are attributed to the continued success of the NUR Blueboard HiQ+, leading strongly the superwide format printing market, the growing number of installations of the newly introduced NUR Fresco, NUR's digital alternative to the screen printing market, and continued aggressive growth in consumable usage, indicating a strong growth in the printed output generated by our customers.
Gross profit margin for the first quarter increased to 52% compared to 45% for the corresponding quarter last year due to the significantly higher margins on the Company's newest product, the Blueboard, and increased profitability resulting from the establishment of the Company's direct sales and service organization.
On April 27th we introduced the newest model in the NUR Blueboard series, NUR Blueboard HiQ+, at the International Sign Association exposition in Orlando, Florida and, as a result, we have already generated initial sales of the new product.
We enhanced the speed mainly by doubling the number of print heads to provide at least twice the ink coverage capacity of the original NUR Blueboard.
The introduction of the NUR Blueboard HiQ(TM) in the first quarter of 1999 was met with resounding success and with an increase in new orders.