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And my saliva rises at the very prospect of blueberry jam.
Smoked salmon and blueberry jam is what you get here in terms of taste.
Try Jane Spin Masters Eye Zing in Catch a Wave, Limited Too Groovy Gloss in Blueberry Jam, Jane Spin Masters nail color in Radioactive and Cover Girl Stack-Ups Lip Swirl in Cotton Candy and Raspberry Cream.
The STACKED Wines California Cabernet Sauvignon delicately balances the flavors of dark fruits like cassis, blackberries and blueberry jam with earth and wood notes like roasted cocoa nibs, pine, cedar and a bit of mint, black liquorices and black pepper.
Friends and family were wished a "jammin' good time" and sent home with favors of homemade blueberry jam, compliments of the bride's parents.
She got some jars of blueberry jam -she loves the stuff, believing anything with blueberries improves eyesight -but the tickets were the big present.
Among the seven classics included are Blueberry Cobbler, Quick Blueberry-Peach Crisp, Blueberry Cobbler and Homemade Blueberry Jam.
EATING hot muffins spread with home-made blueberry jam is not the experience most people would expect on a trip to Iceland.
7019; Ice Sculptor: SEAN TALLEY OF THAT'S COOL, LLC, Como; Wedding Favors: TATE COUNTY BLUEBERRY JAM with custom labels, www.
Maine Breakfast Package -- The perfect way to wake up -- pancake mix, two bottles of Maine blueberry syrup and blueberry jam.
Byrne, 62, came in first in his age group and received a jar of homemade blueberry jam.