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(fairytale) a monstrous villain who marries seven women

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In Bartok's version of Charles Perrault's tale, Bluebeard has a human soul and Warlikowski probes into his childhood.
Nobody changes much - Peter is already heroic, Bluebeard is already bad and Hook seems content to be a sidekick.
The Investigation of Romance in Masson's Coupable/Guilty (2008)," by Julia Dobson; "Eleonore Faucher's Haptic Cinema in Brodeuses/A Common Thread (2004)," by Delphine Benezet; "The French Female Butterfly Collector: Hadzihalilovic, Denis, de Van and the Cinema du Corps," by Davina Quinlivan; "Between Women: Gesture, Intermediality, and Intersubjectivity in the Installations of Agnes Varda and Chantal Akerman," by Jenny Chamarette; "Autobiography, (Re-) Enactment and the Performative Self-Portrait in Varda's Les Plages d'Agnes/ The Beaches of Agnes (2008)," by Dominique Bluher; "The New Eve: Faith, Femininity, and the Fairy Tale in Catherine Breillat's Barbe Bleue/ Bluebeard (2009)," by Catherine Wheatley.
Raquel Welch played former nun Magdalena in 1972 movie Bluebeard.
Judith, the seventh wife of Bluebeard, discovers, by opening seven mysterious doors, the truth about his previous wives as well as her own fate.
Curious Subjects takes the story of Bluebeard as the prototype of subsequent marriage plots, using "The Bloody Chamber," Angela Carter's feminist retelling of the tale, to show how the bride's defiance of her husband's injunction against entering the locked room becomes the crucial occasion of curiosity, affording a true knowledge of self and situation.
Feminist revisionist mythmaking has often seized on the legend of Bluebeard, supposedly inspired by the fifteenth-century Breton serial killer Gilles de Rais.
I do believe she loves Bluebeard, and I believe that she is somewhat innocent, yet very strong.
You will set me down as a species of tyrant and Bluebeard, starving women in a garret; whereas, after all, I am no such thing.
Dracula and The Dark Room, about a Victorian photographer re-enacting the gruesome story of Bluebeard.
safety away from Bluebeard if he were ever to come back, though he is
After setting the stage for how Bronte's heroine occupies households with their own version of Bluebeard, she examines how other novelists have interpreted this theme (e.
Marriage of Figaro, [1975/76]; Giuseppe Verdi, Otello [1969]; Jacques Offenbach, The Tales of Hoffmann [1970], and Bluebeard [1973]), presents digital restorations of seven of Felsenstein's productions dating from 1956 to 1976.
Catgirl sees a villainous character named Bluebeard as a possible ticket to fame and riches--he promises her drugs and life as a porn star.