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Synonyms for blue-collar

of or designating manual industrial work or workers

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of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers

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SAPNA aims to boost the quality of education for the children of blue-collar workers by granting scholarships and funding vocational education opportunities for them.
There are times when we receive words of inspiration from the village headman," said Sukhchand, another blue-collar worker.
Its projects have helped as many as 5,000 blue-collar workers to date.
During the next three years, 84 percent of construction employers expect to hire more blue-collar workers.
If you still believe that, or if you think that voluntary is only for blue-collar workers, it's time to wake up to the new world.
The gap was largest in Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, where the difference in positivity between white-collar workers and blue-collar workers was eight percentage points, likely reflecting long-term growth in jobs requiring advanced skills.
The result was the separation between blue-collar workers and liberal Democrats that Republicans have since exploited.
2% from that of 2009; while that of blue-collar workers totaled NT$33,000 (US$1,064.
He will have to realise that Labour lost five million votes since 1997, not from "middle class" voters but blue-collar workers.
In our study, we assume homogeneous labor and make two separate estimations for white- and blue-collar workers without allowing for interactions between them.
Meanwhile, a separate study published today shows factory and other blue-collar workers have been hit harder than white-collar staff by rising levels of unemployment.
Blue-collar workers in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and South Wales have been among the worst affected by growing unemployment, while London and the South East have suffered more white-collar job losses.
The lay offs are in addition to 48,000 blue-collar workers who were temporarily laid off until the middle of January.
Considering how much DWP employees get paid even before they claim time and half for overtime -- six-figure salaries are common for even blue-collar workers -- it's no wonder the utility has to keep raising rates.
WASHINGTON -- Significantly fewer white-collar workers than blue-collar workers are smokers, according to National Health Interview Survey data from more than 140,000 respondents.