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Synonyms for blue-collar

of or designating manual industrial work or workers

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of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers

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Kamala, along with 83 other blue-collar workers, recently graduated with good English speaking skills from SmartReading programme by NGO SmartLife.
The reasoning goes as follows: Papers are published which say that blue-collar workers are less skilled, so employers start paying less in response.
SAPNA aims to boost the quality of education for the children of blue-collar workers by granting scholarships and funding vocational education opportunities for them.
There are more than half a million blue-collar workers in Dubai and we want to ensure they are living in proper conditions," Bin Surour said, adding that the PCLA regularly investigates the 150,000 rooms designated for blue-collar workers, ensuring they meet hygiene and safety standards.
There are times when we receive words of inspiration from the village headman," said Sukhchand, another blue-collar worker.
For the blue-collar workers the money they win is distributed evenly among themselves at the end of the game - but with the white-collar group the winner takes all.
It's the blue-collar worker and the family-owned stores like ours that have made the Levi brand what it is today.
Summary: Prospective domestic help and blue-collar workers to collect visas directly from UAE missions in Indonesia and India
Similar proportions of white-collar workers (those working in largely salaried industries) and blue-collar workers (those working in industries largely composed of hourly wage earners) strongly agree or agree that AI will fundamentally alter the way people work and live -- 80% vs.
Bringing together community groups, volunteers, media outlets, and corporate sponsors, the initiative aims to support 2,000 of Qatar's blue-collar workers by distributing care packages filled with water, juice, snacks, sunblock, and toiletries at work-sites throughout the country.
The decline is especially sharp for semi-skilled blue-collar workers as more youth pursue college studies and prefer work in the service sector.
Luckhaupt added that blue-collar workers would benefit greatly from "health programs that combine reducing occupational risk factors like job stress with health promotion activities like smoking cessation.
Out of those, the major part of the population consists of Blue-Collar workers from South Asia.
IN YEARS PAST, many people believed that blue-collar workers in lower- to middle-income jobs were the primary buyers of voluntary products.
This adjustment is expected to affect an estimated 163 employees in Orebro, consisting of 110 blue-collar workers and 53 white-collar workers.