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an independent and exclusive commission of nonpartisan statesmen and experts formed to investigate some important governmental issue

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Unlike the blue-ribbon panel, we have been looking at case-specific practices," said subcommittee chairman James C.
She has served in a number of leadership positions within IABC, including member of San Francisco chapter board (1998) and IABC's international board (1993-1997), Foundation' trustee (1994-1995), multiculturalism committee chairperson (1991-1993) and member of the Gold Quill blue-ribbon panel (1998-2001).
Krop cites a 2000 report by a blue-ribbon panel of oceanic researchers that recommended against the Rigs-to-Reefs program until more research can be done.
A second evaluation is made by a blue-ribbon panel of top-ranked industry analysts, portfolio managers and professional traders which assesses the companies on a qualitative basis as to their long-term growth potential and investor interest.
At the crash rate of federally contracted air tankers - claiming 136 lives since 1958 - ``ground firefighters would have suffered more than 200 deaths per year,'' Jim Hall, a former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said in a recent federal blue-ribbon panel report.
We urge the FDA to reconsider its position and to cooperate with the establishment of a credible blue-ribbon panel of experts to review all new information on breast implants.
And industry insiders anxiously await the debut of "Ask a Drunk," a personal advice column from a legitimate bum, currently being selected by a blue-ribbon panel of other drunk bums.
A blue-ribbon panel that investigated the recent deaths of five Los Angeles County Jail inmates on Wednesday recommended 51 changes designed to dramatically improve the safety of jailhouse witnesses.
A blue-ribbon panel of professionals in the industry reviews and recommends technologies and potential awardees for the Emmy Awards for Science & Technology in Television.
Councilman Jack Weiss said the blue-ribbon panel will go a long way toward addressing the underlying causes of the Rampart scandal, which broke in 1998 with the arrest of former Officer Rafael Perez for stealing cocaine from an evidence locker.
A respected leader in the fields of homebuilding and housing finance, Curtis currently serves as co-chairman of the Mortgage Roundtable, a blue-ribbon panel of 50 leaders in the area of housing finance.
Much of the paperwork stems from the consent decree intended to stop Rampart-era abuses, and the Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday called for a blue-ribbon panel to get speedy clearance to examine the LAPD's handling of the scandal.
Most recently he moderated a blue-ribbon panel on "Measurement & Accountability -- What does Out-of-Home need to optimize its share of the media mix?
Also Friday, the Police Commission named a 15-member blue-ribbon panel to help draw up the criteria the commission will use to pare down the list of finalists.
The image was selected by a blue-ribbon panel of UNICEF and Clear Channel officials and goodwill ambassadors from more than 300 entries from advertising agencies worldwide.