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waterproofed canvas


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Blue Tarp Brewing Company is Decatur's first full-scale production brewery, launched in December 2012.
A blue tarp covered most of the bow, and it flapped in the wind.
I hopped up onto the crowded sidewalk and saw a couple of teenage boys in track suits breaking their fast under a blue tarp attached to a building.
Until a year and a half after the storm, there were still houses being repaired and the occasional blue tarp covering a damaged roof.
Game is interrupted three times by torrential downpour, rollout of big blue tarp, delay of 45 minutes.
Armando and the Blue Tarp School is based on the true story of David Lynch who started a school for children living around a city dump in Mexico.
You can even make a Slip 'N Slide with a bib blue tarp (your 'rents might have one).
Zheng Minyan, 44, who was under a blue tarp with a dozen of his family members and a small dog, said that he believed his house was still standing and that he would return Wednesday to assess whether his family might be able to move back in.
Armando and the Blue Tarp School is a children's picturebook based on true events.
6, 2005, the partially nude body of Bobby Ray Gates, wrapped in a burning bedspread, a blue tarp and plastic, startled a passer-by on a residential street in Sylmar.
Tom steps toward it, drawing it aside to reveal a kind of outdoor room formed by the back of a building, enclosed by the blue tarp.
Piles of debris piled high and blue tarp covering roofs as far as the eye could see.
I pretty much left my house with a part of it exposed with blue tarp on it," said Major Berry.
Partnering with Blue Tarp Financial, Carlisle is able to provide trade professionals with an opportunity for greater purchasing power and the ability to manage their cash flow, by financing all or part of their wood flooring purchases, such as pine flooring or reclaimed floors.