pentatonic scale

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a gapped scale with five notes


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Sew blue scale print 3 1/2 x 44 1/2" strips to sides.
1996); both forms have blue scales along the submarginal region of the dorsal side of the hindwings.
My stock included Buford Bronze peafowl, Mandarins, Temmink Tragopan, E1iot's pheasants, one African crane and Texas Blue Scale quail.
2B) bluish grey with bright blue scale margins on upper part of head and body above imaginary line connecting lower margin of eye and upper edge of caudal peduncle and yellow below this line; pair of bright blue bands on top of head as in small juveniles, but upper extending to dorsal fin origin and lower reaching about half this distance; also shorter blue bands and narrow lines on side of snout, behind eye and on suborbital; dorsal fin bluish grey with blue flecks, narrow blue margin and large blue-edged black spot on middle portion of fin.
The stockings will help you create blue scales on your face.
ugandensis species group, differing from all other species of the genus by combination of male colouration characters consisting of light blue scales with a broad irregularly reticulated pattern on body forming oblique bars in bright red, vivid bright red colouration on the head and dorsum, yellow or blue anal fin, large vivid red spot pattern on dorsal and anal fins; rounded head, dorsal profile of head slightly concave to nearly straight, convex from nape to end of dorsal fin base; variable cephalic squamation.
Lazy", a fish ring with epoxy royal blue scales, captivates with a multitude of miniature blue crystals applied using the Pointiageao technique.
A statement from the gallery said: "The snake is mainly black but has greenish blue scales and was almost certainly painted from imagination.
I'd become fascinated by the red and blue scales of one particular fish and swam over to take a closer look.
Between this row and the central bar is a dusting of blue scales, much reduced towards the apex where it is totally absent.
Am the dismembered figurehead, ballast, breasts covered in blue scales.
Things 20 feet long that have shiny blue scales, we have no frame of reference for,'' Williams says.