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Like Pity the Beautiful, Blue Norther offers both intellectual sustenance and delight to any reader willing to spend the time necessary to read it with care.
This was the Great Blue Norther, a cold snap which hit the U.
Bondy, The Sweetback Sisters, Shannon Whitworth, Mickey Clark & The Blue Norther, Malinky, Iain Matthews, Butch Ross, Blame Sally, dancing with Beats Walkin' as well as Annie & The Beekeepers.
28, but followed that with a disappointing ninth-place showing in the Blue Norther Stakes at Santa Anita on Dec.
She beat only one horse in her first start as a three-year-old in the Blue Norther Stakes at Santa Anita.
A place where the Quapaw and choctaws paddled dugout canoes, ivory-billed woodpeckers shreded bark from ancient trees, and mallard ducks rained down ahead of the first autumn blue norther.
Couldn't be nothing like a blue norther, they chuckled, sneering at the locals' weak sister