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Synonyms for bluefish

bluish warm-water marine food and game fish that follow schools of small fishes into shallow waters

fatty bluish flesh of bluefish

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MESUT'S BLUE FISH STEW WITH CHILLI CORNBREAD (Serves 4) INGREDIENTS mackerel or herring, scaled gutted salt olive oil onion, halved and sliced green finger chillies, split open but whole handful flat-leaf parsley turns of the black pepper tomatoes, peeled and chopped cloves garlic, sliced lemon, skin and pith removed, the chilli cornbread: plain flour yellow cornmeal baking powder salt chopped coriander jalapeno chillies, deseeded and chopped feta cheese, crumbled soft light brown sugar 6tbsp water 3 large eggs 70ml sunflower oil METHOD TO make the cornbread, first heat the oven to 180degC/ gas 4 and warm a baking sheet.
Chefs will be using baby greens, mushrooms, blue fish and sustainable products in 2012.
The river is deep now and still, an opaque lake filled with blue fish.
As in most of the Maldivian resorts, the diving and snorkelling (or even just a plain old paddle in the shallow lagoon) reveal an underwater world of big fish, little fish, yellow fish and blue fish.
But if you want something appropriate and a real Mediterranean style catch, you can''t beat the Blue Fish ceramic dinnerware, from ALSO home.
And then we were given blue fish stickers to put on our shirts and joined a mass of humanity waiting to go through a narrow gate to the solitary baggage screening machine.
Well, the day deserved celebrating - a lazy morning watching islanders search the shallows for octopus, an afternoon snorkelling among bright blue fish, a supper of fresh seafood and (to be selfishly honest) texts from friends at home saying they were freezing.
Blue Fish Restaurant was approved to sell spirits/beer/wine in a restaurant lounge at 7829 Birch Bay Drive, Blaine, WA 98230.
My favourite character is the blue fish called Dory who keeps forgetting things.
This symbiotic relationship is due to a one-inch-long, red and blue fish called the cardinal tetra, sought after by aquarium owners and pet stores around the world.
IF you thought the blue fish suppers they've been dishing up in Perth this week would be hard to stomach, think how sick St Johnstone are feeling this morning.
Blue Fish Home's owner Chandrika Gunnarsson visits many of the European shows, and has recently seen a lot of pastels there, but "we're not seeing much of them in the U.
He meets red fish, blue fish, stripy fish, spotty fish, grumpy fish and scary fish and many, many others.
USS Blue Fish (SSN 675); and USS Yellowstone (AD 41).
Simply tell us what Barney is - (a) a yellow monster, (b) a purple dinosaur or (c) a blue fish.