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cheese containing a blue mold

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Hints and Tips Stilton, Ribblesdale Blue or Roquefort cheese can be used instead of the creamier blue cheeses.
With such pride and enthusiasm for his cave-aged blue cheeses, it is no surprise Deli Business magazine called Jirik the most innovative cheesemaker in America.
Wheels of Finest American Blue Cheese Aged for Amazing Flavor, Hand-Selected for Whole Foods Market
For a party of 15 to 20 people, Werlin suggests offering a fresh cheese (goat cheese), a soft-ripened cheese (Brie); a semi-hard cheese (an English-style Cheddar), a hard cheese (like dry Jack or Parmesan) and perhaps a blue cheese.
I'm sure there are plenty of you who will open the page today, immediately see the words blue cheese and think "No thanks".
The outlook was rather grim for Continental blue cheese last year - sales fell 3% in the 12 months to 14 June 2009 [Kantar] - but things have taken a decidedly upbeat turn since then.
has introduced a variety pack of its blue cheeses called Traveling Blues.
The state's extensive variety of Blue cheeses can take a simple dish to new heights with minimal effort and maximum flavor.
We carry European blue cheeses and Australian blue cheeses, and we've had a really good response to the Golden Ridge cheese," Logsdon said.
Notes: Blue cheeses such as gorgonzola and cambozola have a rich, nutty flavor; Danish blue tastes sharper.
25% has been suggested as a target, but there are blue cheeses with less than 1% salt and above 4%, such as Roquefort.
The combination of cheddar and blue cheeses is meant to create a new taste sensation and add zest to grilled hamburgers and steaks, as well as green salads and side dishes.
Roquefort is the boldest; creamier blue cheeses include blue castello, sweet gorgonzola or regular gorgonzola (sharper flavor), and saga blue and cambozola (both have enough butterfat to fit the next category).
March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- For any cheese tray, salad or recipe, these new outstanding, gourmet blue cheeses make a real celebration.