light-emitting diode

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diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current

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Abu Dhabi: Shuji Nakamura , the Japanese inventor of the blue LED light, was named given a Lifetime Achievement here in recognition of his pioneering work that has revolutionised lighting across the world.
This new blue LED spotlight was designed to meet the demands of customers who have requested a light to extend the safety operations of forklifts within a hazardous work area, said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics.
I never expected I could invent the blue LED using GaN because it was so unpopular due to poor crystal quality.
There are different biological and physiological effects according to each wavelength of Blue LED (440-490nm) bactericidal, Green LED (490-565nm) stimulates fibroblast on wound healing, Yellow LED (590-630) stimulates collagen on healing mature and the Red LED (630-780nm) is anti-inflammatory.
Although the invention of efficient blue LED is now some 20 years old, its use is just recently proliferating in commercial ways, with the rapidly expanding technology benefiting consumers.
The growth promoting effect of blue LED on green perilla was reproduced in this experiment under PPF of 150 mol m-2 s-1 which was about three times higher intensity than that used in a previous report (Choi 2011).
Blue LEDs have continued the evolution begun by the red LED, leading to the invention of smartphones and computer and television screens.
Despite considerable efforts, both in the scientific community and in industry, the blue LED had remained a challenge for three decades.
The company began switching fabrication of blue LED chips in 2011.
com)-- For those in search of cost-effective teeth whitening, Smiletech 360 announces special offers on effective Blue LED light teeth whitening treatment with a guarantee of 12 shades lighter results.
The products are packed with a sensible no-frills approach to design details, such as embedded blue LED indicators in super premium series and are user friendly.
The ceiling is like a sandwich--a white panel with black dots, a hidden layer of blue LED linear lights (the corporate logo color) and a perforated metal layer.
SDK is to split its business in GaN-based blue LED chips and transfer 70% of the shares in the new company to Toyoda Gosei by the end of this year.
The model features new LED daytime running lamps, a revised tail with new LED tail lamps and an interior with new ice blue LED ambient lighting, Buick's IntelliLink infotainment system, a blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert, power liftgate and remote start.