light-emitting diode

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diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current

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With the advent of the blue LED leading to cost-effective and long-lasting white-light applications, we can save businesses and governments money, while enhancing not only engineering innovation and the value of lighting, but also architectural aesthetics on a wide range of projects," Floyd said.
Blue LED light teeth whitening treatment offered by the clinic is thoroughly safe and painless as well with no involvement of injections.
Growth in demand for LED backlights for LCD TVs and LED lighting fixtures has led to a rapid increase in the demand for blue LED chips.
In addition to the boost of capacity, the TWIN Freezer's new LED Interior Lighting and Blue LED Display offer a sleek, smooth interior and exterior feel to your kitchen.
Once shot the G Force, which contains a high output blue LED light, can be turned off by tapping the nock on a hard surface.
Low Voltage Indoor/Outdoor 120 Blue LED Light Set will bring a sparkle to your home and garden.
The ceremony, carried out by Fair Day Princess Laura Jane Cook (pictured right), four, who lives a few miles away at Ashington, lit up the town centre between Oldgate and Manchester Street, as well as the Market Place, which now has new blue LED lights - which are more environmentally friendly than conventional bulbs.
All six items feature brushed nickel with champagne-hued accents and blue LED lights.
It paid a paltry 20,000 yen to Nakamura, who developed a technology needed to manufacture blue LED in 1990.
0000017 percent of the profits made on the blue LED.
Blue LED Ice Cubes pounds 10 Melt your favourite ice-maiden's heart, by bringing some light relief to a serious drinking session with these Blue LED Ice Cubes.
Compared to conventional LED designs, where blue chips are coated with a phosphor compound, ChromaLit, now available through Arrow Electronics, uses a phosphor composite separated from the blue LED energy source.
The model features a bespoke front bumper that incorporates a row of blue LED daytime running lights and a large air dam with honeycomb inserts and is equipped with an advanced petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain similar in design to the one used by the TS030 Hybrid race car.
1 Linear blue LED strips contrast with white HPS streetlights.
Both Tanda and Tanda Professional - available through skin care professionals - use 414nm blue LED light that is scientifically proven to naturally, gently and safely kill the P.