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a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame

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The jury also saw photos of items found at the scene, including a burnt hammer and blow torch which had been lying on the body.
As they probably did not know (what to do), they used a blow torch to try to cut open the bomb," said police superintendentKamthorn Uicharoen.
Thomas McGuinness was said to have spent an hour torturing the other soldier, using knives, a hypodermic syringe and a blow torch.
A blow torch is the unusual on-pack offer from The Serious Food Company's Creme Brulee trio.
Since then, Owens hired agent Drew Rosenhaus, the equivalent of pairing a gas can with blow torch.
This makes it far easier to open these pipe fittings for periodic inspection and cleaning, instead of having to use a wrench with a "cheater" bar (a short length of pipe placed over the end of the wrench handle) or having to use a blow torch to heat the old fittings and pipe plugs.
Teledyne Brown's "water sabre" is a high pressure water jet designed to cut through metal, similar to a blow torch, to allow bomb squads access to a container
For example, a welding class that previously focused solely on how to use a blow torch added chemistry instruction on the property of metals.
A simple gas-powered blow torch is used to heat the SBS membrane before it is unrolled onto the surface of the roof.
We coated a piece of cardboard from a standard cardboard box with an approximately one eighth inch thick coating of Nansulate EPX and applied the flame of a blow torch directly to the coated side for almost ten minutes.
Season to taste and mould on to serving plate, top with two slices of goats cheese and glaze with a chef 's blow torch or use the grill.
A HOUSE fire broke out after an aerosol was fashioned into a blow torch.
Divide the mix between six glass jars, top with the lemon curd and finally top with Italian mergine and blow torch the top until golden brown.
Fire investigators believe she used a blow torch, Caernarfon crown court heard yesterday.