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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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Zoo staff hunted the bongos with blow pipes and rifles loaded with an aesthetic darts but couldn't find the runaways.
6 (1952) (determining the tax consequences of a payment in a later year by looking back to an earlier tax year which was the genesis of the later year's payment); Rees Blow Pipe Mfg.
Tenders are invited for Manual Cutting Blow Pipe For Cutting Upto 100 Mm Thick
Tours range in price from [pounds sterling]259 to [pounds sterling]1015, so all budgets are catered for, and include national park visits, watching turtles hatching on the beach or orang-utans careering through the rainforest, cultural adventures where travellers can learn how to use a blow pipe and visit a traditional longhouse and cruising along inland waterways on a longboat.
SPX Corporation, Trion Inc and Waltz-Holst Blow Pipe Co.
Indeed, there's time to visit a flat featuring an interesting twist on the nine lives of cats, where Valerie (Francesca Annis of all people) is busy sucking on a blow pipe.
IT'S hard to imagine that twigs skewering meat for a barbecue kebab and a simple hollow stem used by a child as a blow pipe can prove fatal.
It was discovered in 1742-43 by a Sheffield man, the cutler Thomas Boulsover, and, according to legend, it was while he was working on a repair to a silver-cased copper knife handle that he accidentally overheated it using a blow pipe.
Transplace is already serving customers in this space, including: SG Morris, Valmont Industries, Pretium Packaging, Petguard, Boboli, House of Cheatham, Ohio Blow Pipe and Adam's Manufacturing.
Tenders are invited for Spare Cutting Nozzle Size 1/16 For Oxy-Acetylene Injector Type Cutting Blow Pipe Suitable For Cutting 50Mm To 100Mm Thick Ms Plate.
It was caught after being sedated by a vet armed with a dart and blow pipe.
Long ago, the pipes were a tanned leather bag with a blow pipe to inflate it, a flute-like chanter for melodies, and drone tubes for single notes.