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a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing

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State Fish and Game warden Marty Wall tranquilized the bear with a dart fired from a blow gun, then with a second dart from a rifle.
Use an air blow gun, NSN 4940-00-333-5541, to clear obstructions from the drain tubes or use safety wire and snake the tubes to clear up clogs from oil, sand and dirt.
Tsewa, the spider monkey who taught man both the magic song that lures his prey and how to use the blow gun, represents the relation between humans and their environment.
His fascination with herpetology - and ultimately, snake venom - led him to fashion what he thought at the time was the coup de grace of weaponry - an aluminum blow gun with a wooden mouthpiece capable of expelling barbed, poisonous darts.
SPRINGFIELD - Two teens drove around town in a truck and used a blow gun to shoot 5-inch, needlelike darts into a classmate, an 8-year-old boy and possibly a man in his 60s, police said Monday.
The unidentified youth is accused of using a straw as a blow gun to shoot sewing needles at sea gulls awaiting handouts outside a Stearns Wharf fish 'n' chips restaurant on June 10.
com offers hundreds of products for personal defense and protection including stun guns, tasers, pepper sprays, maces, personal alarms, animal repellents, batons, safety lights, diversion safes, security scanners, car safety products, child safety products, family kits, blow guns, holsters, accessories and DVDs for instruction on personal defense.