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absorbent paper used to dry ink


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were isolated in higher frequency from blotter paper method as compared to agar plate.
The suggested number of layers (column 4) relates to the number of blotter paper to be superimposed to form the standard absorbent pad referred to in the respective methods.
The plastic boxes with blotter paper, liquid, and seed were placed in the cold temperature room at 4[degrees]C and 40% relative humidity.
Carefully open the map on top of the blotter paper.
Often, it's added to decorated blotter paper and divided into small squares which are then chewed and swallowed.
The achenes were placed on either blotter paper or unpasteurized washed river sand in 9cm plastic petri dishes, with 50 achenes per petri dish, and randomly assigned to treatments.
First, most LSD was circulated on tiny squares of blotter paper (and still is).
Keep seed at normal summer temperatures--about 70 [degrees] F, plus or minus 5 [degrees] F--and keep flats or blotter paper moist but not soggy.
Sandwich the flowers or leaves between two pieces of blotter paper set between pieces of corrugated cardboard in a flower press.
A technician merely pricks a newborn's heel and places a drop of a newborn's blood on a small piece of absorbent blotter paper that is later analyzed to rule in or out all manner of threats to the baby's future.
The report continues, "In the most significant results, the effects of the microwave treatment on the survival of Bacillus globigi spores on blotter paper, enclosed in standard business envelopes, were:
KS-282, Basmati-385, Basmati-370, Basmati Kernal and Basmati-198 were studied to investigate the occurrence of seed-borne mycoflora using blotter paper method.
We began by soaking etching paper for a short time in water, placing the etching paper between two sheets of blotter paper, and then laying the paper on top of the carved, inkless linoleum.
It may be distributed in breath-mint vials, treated sugar cubes, gel wafers called "windowpanes," pills, or decorated blotter paper that is chewed or swallowed.