blotting paper

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absorbent paper used to dry ink


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5 cm with washed river sand or with two layers of blotter paper.
First, most LSD was circulated on tiny squares of blotter paper (and still is).
Sandwich the flowers or leaves between two pieces of blotter paper set between pieces of corrugated cardboard in a flower press.
A technician merely pricks a newborn's heel and places a drop of a newborn's blood on a small piece of absorbent blotter paper that is later analyzed to rule in or out all manner of threats to the baby's future.
The report continues, "In the most significant results, the effects of the microwave treatment on the survival of Bacillus globigi spores on blotter paper, enclosed in standard business envelopes, were:
We began by soaking etching paper for a short time in water, placing the etching paper between two sheets of blotter paper, and then laying the paper on top of the carved, inkless linoleum.
It may be distributed in breath-mint vials, treated sugar cubes, gel wafers called "windowpanes," pills, or decorated blotter paper that is chewed or swallowed.
This is done by making an impression of the letters with damp (undyed) blotter paper.