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Synonyms for epistaxis

bleeding from the nose

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A man who is in his late-40s received a bloody nose and scratches to the face.
As in black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts," Contactmusic quoted her as tweeting.
So, if you scratch a dry nose while you sleep--you could end up with a bloody nose.
Yes, next May's elections present a chance to give Labour a bloody nose for Tony Blair's dismal handling of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Lebanon crisis.
I got a bloody nose, so the game ended on account of my bloodshed.
Nicholas School in the Bronx is attempting to put some starch into Sister James, a young teacher who naively thinks a boy wouldn't intentionally give himself a bloody nose to get out of class.
Nothing less than a bloody nose and an ignominious defeat a la Vietnam will stop the Bush Administration's drive toward world domination.
These symptoms may range from running nose, asthma, memory loss, loss of libido, cancer, miscarriage, bloody nose or digestive problems.
These arguments usually butt heads until someone gets a bloody nose and runs screaming for the protection offered by that great cancer of gay political and social discourse--the self-hatred defense.
Yet the Democrats, fresh from losing the White House to a man they heartily and justifiably detested, were itching to give Nixon a bloody nose.
Fuckin' skating on NBC with a GG Allin shirt on, All these people are skating to hip-hop or whatever and then all of a sudden there's Tony Trujillo, super long hair and bloody nose, GG Allin t-shirt, wearing huge hi-tops.
Within a month of her arrival at the nursing home, she fell from a commode and sustained a bloody nose, facial fractures, and a subdural hematoma.
Now the Sun-Sentinel a regional paper in South Florida, has added a bloody nose with an investigation proving that reporters can do in a few hours what Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) can't do at all.
One woman who lives near the plant claims that a chemical truck driver nearly rammed her car when she went looking for the source of a smell that had given her son a bloody nose.
The attack, in which the man was pushed and thrown to the ground by the girl, left him with a bloody nose and a black eye, a Mail Online report (http://www.