Bloodless Revolution

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the revolution against James II

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2) For a thorough background on the revival of Pythagoreanism in the eighteenth century, see Stuart's Bloodless Revolution.
FINALLY the time has presented itself, for the long-overdue bloodless revolution this country has been in need of for decades.
Until he was overthrown by a bloodless revolution in 2000, all the ultranationalists who had set out "cleanse" non-Serbs from the Serbian-inhabited parts of former Yugoslavia were safe from the UN tribunal in The Hague, including Karadzic and his chief collaborator in the murder of tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslims, Gen.
Our Independence movement was unique in the history of the world, in as much as it was a bloodless revolution, based upon the twin principles of truth, and ahimsa, or non-violence.
Queiroz also delved further into the historic rivalry, alluding to explorer Christopher Columbus - who both countries claim as theirs - and the 60-year Philippine Dynasty when Portugal was ruled by three Spanish kings until the bloodless revolution of 1640.
In the wake of a series of police blunders and in the face of corruption and cover-ups, Belgians took to the streets in a bloodless revolution.
In the 1970s there was a bloodless revolution in the West, a campaign to induce people to judge one another by their deeds, and not pre-judge them by colour, creed, class or gender.
Ending there allows Fitzsimmons to claim that "the transformation accomplished by the National Assembly was perhaps the most thoroughgoing, virtually bloodless revolution in history" (p.
Michael Howard's seizure of the Conservative leadership in a bloodless revolution earlier this month has catapulted the party ahead of Labour, according to an opinion poll.
Gone are the heady days of December 1989, when the visit of Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raissa formed a stirring climax to Europe's bloodless revolution.
Haddad points to Shelley's appropriation of the Romantics' Orient--ahistorical, exotic, and thus available for idealization--in order to instruct his readers in his vision of a bloodless revolution of love.
Naming Pacari and Macas to ministries traditionally controlled by the powerful elites of mainly European ancestry amounts to "a bloodless revolution," said political analyst Ruben Montoya.
WE'RE not ones to crow but there's a bloodless revolution stirring in our green and still-pleasant land.
If they had succeeded, it would have been a bloodless revolution, not only a redistribution of power but a profound reversal of attitude, and our lives today might be different and immensely better.
But this was not what deputy commander Valeri Sablin wanted at all - his aim was a bloodless revolution against the Soviet State.