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Synonyms for sacrifice

Synonyms for sacrifice

one or more living creatures slain and offered to a deity as part of a religious rite

a loss sustained in the accomplishment of or as the result of something

to offer as a sacrifice

Synonyms for sacrifice

the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc

personnel that are sacrificed (e

a loss entailed by giving up or selling something at less than its value

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the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity

(baseball) an out that advances the base runners

kill or destroy

Related Words

sell at a loss

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make a sacrifice of

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One purpose of the Law, Michael tells Adam, is to teach humanity that a blood sacrifice will be required to pay the penalty for human transgression and appease God (in this case, both God and God's "umpire" conscience).
Julian's pagan revival and the decline of blood sacrifice.
In Judaism, the Rabbinic writings backed away from violence, doing away with capital punishment, with blood sacrifice and even with the image of God as warrior; in Christianity, the New Testament predicts an apocalyptic battle between Good and Evil (in Revelation) but presents Jesus as a teacher of non-violent behaviour.
Nonetheless, the book and its conclusions might have benefited from a deeper study of the terms sacrifice, self-sacrifice, blood sacrifice, martyrdom, and victimhood, especially given that these terms are invoked repeatedly and differently throughout Irish studies scholarship.
The stain on the flag, the remains of the blood sacrifice, was a reminder of the price that colonists usually demand for liberty.
Maya's enemy plans to bring the vengeance of Kali down on the British invaders of India, a sweeping massacre beginning with the blood sacrifice of Maya herself
to be a blood sacrifice to, of, or for, the family;
Eulogising blood sacrifice doesn't fit with the modern political climate and attempts, in Northern Ireland, to ditch the past and push for modern democracy.
A customary attribute of many shamanic rituals is the blood sacrifice of animals--pigs, goats, cows, etc.
The priests of the warrior orders believed that it was the God-given mission of the Aztecs to keep this world alive by ritual blood sacrifice in re-creation of that myth, and for that they needed prisoners of war.
Her reference to blood sacrifice is not correct, however, because in that specific ritual only copal and paper were offered to the gods.
The public school day may not start with a Hail Mary or an Our Father, a mantra or a blood sacrifice, but public education does more of God's work for children every day than any other institution in America--and that includes the churches.
The God of my fathers, of the Bible, and of orthodox Christian confession--omnipotent, omniscient, morally perfect, the creator of heaven and earth, the supernatural father who listens to our prayers and sometimes answers them, who is angry at our sinfulness but who so loves the world that he offers his only son as a blood sacrifice to himself so that whosoever shall believe in this son shall not be tormented forever in hell but shall have eternal bliss in heaven--this God is not my personal lord and savior.
The rebels see Ramadan as a key time for demonstrating just how ruthless they are - and innocent villagers are the blood sacrifice.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: The theme of Blood Rites embraces both war and what is the central rite of so many ancient religions, that is blood sacrifice.