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one related by blood or origin

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So property of unmarried people who made no will could pass only to their children or blood relatives.
It gives the false impression that biological parents are the best sort of parents to have when, in fact, 50,000 children every year in England and Wales are neglected, abused and abandoned by blood relatives.
Seven of the deceased were blood relatives and belonged to Bharathannur, and the driver of the car also perished in the accident.
Although some women were cared for by blood relatives, in some cases it came with a price- paraplegic women in Bagh received a stipend from a Dubai-based humanitarian organization- a payment that acted a source of family strife, the report said.
A majority of Arabs believe that marriages between blood relatives should be discouraged and that governments should be educating people about the health risks involved, according to the latest Doha Debates opinion poll.
The superstar's enraged mother insisted their relationship was wrong despite the lovers not being blood relatives, raging: "What they're doing is incestuous.
Federal government has also issued instructions to FC Commandant that special quota would be reserved for the blood relatives of the martyrs from security forces , which scarified their lives during the war against terrorism as well as people belonging to entire tribes in the recruitment Earlier the provincial government demanded for returning of FC deployed outside province but federal government had refused due to security problems.
The only stipulation was that no husbands, partners or blood relatives could partner the lady in each team.
The execution shall be carried out in presence of the victim's blood relatives or whosoever represents the victim.
Under current regulations on transplanting human organs enacted in 2007, living organ donations are restricted to spouses, blood relatives or people sharing family bonds through mutual support.
To identify the dead, any body part of the deceased found at the scene of the crime, along with the blood samples of blood relatives such as parents or children, is required.
The team found that blood relatives of flu victims were more likely to die than non-relatives, even during different flu outbreaks.
Because I also have a portrait photo of the best man, I would imagine that it is he and the groom (and possibly the bridesmaid on the left) who are my blood relatives.
Blood Relatives is based on the Vampire Kisses series written by Ellen Schreiber.
The apparent clustering of human cases of influenza A (H5N1) among blood relatives has been considered as evidence of genetic variation in susceptibility.