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tiny bits of protoplasm found in vertebrate blood

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The study, now published online in The British Journal of General Practice, revealed that high blood platelet count in some cases may be the only outward indication of cancer.
The patients have been diagnosed with persistent or chronic ITP, and have blood platelet counts consistently below 30,000/uL of blood.
Suspensions of blood platelets or plasma were incubated (15 or 60 min, at 37[degrees]C) with
The results show that blood platelets could constitute a complete and easily accessible blood-based source for sampling and hence be used in diagnosing cancer as well as in the choice of treatment method.
Nurses at the hospital testified that the visiting doctor had not given them any instructions to administer blood platelets to Sara on time.
For 75% of patients with normal blood platelet counts, time off chemotherapy was associated with improved quality of life.
She also added that the platelet donation is better that blood donation as the former equals four folds of the blood platelets collected from four persons.
With the help of computerized robotic system, the researchers at the Institute for Medicine and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania exposed human blood platelets to hundreds of different combinations of biological stimuli like those experienced during a heart attack.
Pam Prescott, of the National Bs lood Service, thanked Chris for his commitment in donating blood platelets so regularly.
He said his family had arranged for blood platelets.
Every time we see him coming we say, `Oh-oh, here comes the Vampire wanting our blood again,''' says Jay Roberts, laughing as he watches a DVD while donating blood platelets.
The pocH-100iV Diff analyzer can measure the total number of white blood cells, red blood cells and blood platelets while classifying white blood cells.
Saying there is "no scientific evidence of harm" to donors under current rules, an advisory US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel rejected a proposal to cut the number of times a donor can give blood platelets.
Barry Swanson, professor of food science and nutrition at Washington State University, says omega-3s appear to protect the heart by making blood platelets less likely to clot.
Three people developed severe idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a condition in which low levels of blood platelets can lead to abnormal bleeding.