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tiny bits of protoplasm found in vertebrate blood

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Nurses at the hospital testified that the visiting doctor had not given them any instructions to administer blood platelets to Sara on time.
For 75% of patients with normal blood platelet counts, time off chemotherapy was associated with improved quality of life.
She also added that the platelet donation is better that blood donation as the former equals four folds of the blood platelets collected from four persons.
With the help of computerized robotic system, the researchers at the Institute for Medicine and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania exposed human blood platelets to hundreds of different combinations of biological stimuli like those experienced during a heart attack.
Pam Prescott, of the National Bs lood Service, thanked Chris for his commitment in donating blood platelets so regularly.
He said his family had arranged for blood platelets.
Eltrombopag is an oral platelet growth factor that stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of megakaryocytes, bone marrow cells that mature into blood platelets.
Patients with excessive blood platelets are predisposed to an abnormally high incidence of life-threatening events associated with thrombosis.
But we don't know if blood platelets are more activated in depressed people," Anda notes.
Blood platelets are the clotting component of blood and are collected from donors and infused into cancer patients that have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.
Patients with a low peripheral blood platelet count generally require transfusions of blood platelets, which are not only costly procedures, but also carry the risk of transmission of viral contaminants such as HIV, cytomegalovirus and hepatitis.
In an effort to repair the damage, blood platelets and cholesterol adhere to blood vessel cells, thus creating the artery-narrowing plaques that can cause heart attacks.
These studies showed MSV60 increases coronary circulation, enhances heart muscle strength under hypoxic (low-oxygen) conditions, lowers oxygen consumption by the heart, offers free radical protection to heart tissue, and supports healthy blood platelets.
Previous studies suggested that substances in fish called omega-3 fatty acids may help lower a person's risk of death by reducing the triglyceride levels in the blood and preventing blood platelets from clumping together and forming clots.
Thrombocytosis is a serious clinical disorder caused by the presence of excessive numbers of blood platelets in the peripheral circulation.