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Synonyms for bloodletting

the savage killing of many victims

Synonyms for bloodletting

formerly used as a treatment to reduce excess blood (one of the four humors of medieval medicine)

indiscriminate slaughter

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In many of the blood letting rites the boys were identified with women by equating, either explicitly or implicitly, penile incision and consequent loss of blood with women's menstruation, while the male initiators were identified with women as reproductive mothers through having made the novices' rebirth as mature men possible.
Fresh from a stand-up row with his closest EU ally, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Prime Minister was plunged into Tory blood letting yesterday over its favourite obsession.
The Shoora said that blood letting was being allowed only to stay in power.
Like the Peasants' Revolt, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, the suffragettes, the poll tax protests, we will use our hard won democratic rights to resist the massive blood letting which the Tories have in store for us.
Blood letting over the past 40 years has either been caused by reactions to right wing policies or perpetrated by those who follow such doctrines.
The grave is believed to contain the remains of several hundred war crime victims killed during the 1992-1995 blood letting, among them some who died in the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica.
Rather than shouting from the sidelines, I want to get involved and be part of the blood letting.
The Tarantino movie was condemned for its casual blood letting, but actor Michael Madsen, the film's Mr Blonde, says: "The story is nothing without the violence.