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the presence of pus-forming bacteria or their toxins in the blood or tissues

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The blood infection has caused the lung and chest infections, and the swine flu, and Jimmy will be in hospital for another week at least.
Dr Al Sa'ati had earlier told the GDN that the overcrowding was stretching facilities to the limit, leading to fatalities from blood infections and due to the vulnerability of babies from multiple births.
I got back to Bath on Tuesday and found I had a blood infection and spent two nights in hospital being treated with antibiotics.
She suffered a blood infection in her off-hind leg after the Cleeve Hurdle.
A GROOM nearly died from a blood infection after snapping ligaments in his knee Dirty Dancing on his wedding day.
John MacLean, 24, believes their failure to give Junior one-to-one care in intensive care led to the blood infection that killed him.
This blood infection created blood clots in Hanson's extremities causing necrosis.
Scientists report that people with sepsis, a lethal inflammatory overreaction triggered by a blood infection, fare better if they get fish oil rather than soybean oil (SN: 2/13/10, p.
The bug can then cause diseases such as pneumonia, bacteraemia blood infection, septicaemia and meningitis.
It was reported that up to seven babies had died at the unit in the week leading up to the Eid Al-Fitr holidays, with at least three being the result of a blood infection apparently stalking the overcrowded unit.
Doctors stress none of the babies has contracted the more serious MRSA blood infection.
TIGER EYE, a general 16-1 chance for the Stan James 1,000 Guineas, is fighting a serious blood infection, which has resulted in her being cared for in the Newmarket Equine Hospital, writes Tony Elves.
Neonatal sepsis, also called "sepsis neonatorum" or "neonatal septicemia", is a blood infection that occurs on infants younger than 90 days.
They were told they could be at risk of blood infection and Hepatitis B - a virus which can cause long-term liver damage - through possible use of unwashed and unsterilised instruments.
Svendsen died Friday of a blood infection at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.