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glucose in the bloodstream

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Also, keep an eye on portion size - it may seem like a good idea to eat a larger meal but this may increase your blood glucose levels.
Your blood glucose level will be tested again one, two and three hours after you drink the solution.
Target ranges for blood glucose levels vary from patient to patient and are dependent on the individual's unique medical conditions.
So, for example, if you have green tea with your bagel for breakfast, it may reduce the spike in blood glucose levels that you would normally get from that food.
Doctors at hospital said Yildirim's blood glucose level rose, however his sickness was not serious.
Do not continue driving until your blood glucose level has improved.
We're seeing that many of the uninsured aren't even aware of their blood glucose level, and that a relatively small percentage of respondents consider themselves at-risk of diabetes.
Diabetes UK says that self-monitoring of blood glucose levels is "essential" for people with diabetes.
Traditional ICU practice has been to reserve insulin therapy for those patients who develop markedly high blood glucose levels above 215 mg/dL.
He uses the One Touch Ultra Meter, a pocket-watch-size device that, through a single drop of blood, monitors his blood glucose level.
When my blood glucose level gets too high, I get depressed.
3) Hannah monitors her blood glucose level with a pin-prick monitor as her father, Scott, looks on.
Mean fructosamine levels, a measure of the average blood glucose level during a period of three weeks, were also significantly reduced in the treatment group (-1.
If your blood glucose level is not well-controlled, you could have a larger than normal baby, or possibly a baby with congenital abnormalities.
Once that target blood glucose range has been reached, the system's function is to recommend dosing of insulin, glucose, and saline for the purpose of maintaining the patient's blood glucose level in that target range.