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Synonyms for culture

Synonyms for culture

the total product of human creativity and intellect

enlightenment and excellent taste resulting from intellectual development

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for culture

the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

(biology) the growing of microorganisms in a nutrient medium (such as gelatin or agar)

a highly developed state of perfection

the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization

grow in a special preparation

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The primary aim of this study and review is to update the current information and knowledge of automated blood culture testing and assess time of positivity using an automated blood culture system.
Upon arrival at med fusion, bottles were incubated on the BacTAlert automated blood culture system for up to 5 days.
Multicenter evaluation of the Sepsityper[TM] extraction kit and MALDI-TOF MS for direct identification of positive blood culture isolates using the BD BACTEC[TM] FX and VersaTREK[R] diagnostic blood culture systems.
Using PCR-based molecular techniques on positive blood cultures has been proposed for rapid identification of ESBLs (8); however, trained personnel and expensive material are required for their use.
Blood cultures should be taken prior to the use of any antibiotics, and swabs sent for investigation if any exudate or pus is present.
Times to detection of bacteria and yeasts in BACTEC 9240 blood culture bottles.
None of the blood culture bottles and only one of the isolates were available for retesting.
prior to inoculation with the blood sample, the blood culture vial with sterile nutrient broth is assumed to be in equilibrium (i.
During initial work on one blood culture a staphylococcus was seen.
Two days later, the third blood culture is also positive for S.
Laboratory evaluation in the RSV (+) included a CBC 46 (92%), urinalysis and culture 44 (88%), blood culture 45 (90%), chest radiograph 21 (62%) and CSF fluid analysis 22 (44%).
An autopsy was done but the cause of her death was ``deferred'' pending further tests, which include blood toxicology, tissue histology and blood culture analysis, Campbell said.