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When laid upon, contact pressure between the spikes and the body stimulates blood circulation, providing the body with more oxygen for healing muscles and organs.
STEAM BATH: Widely accepted for eliminating toxins from the body, a steam bath works by inducing perspiration and increasing blood circulation.
The distortion is experienced as head, neck and back discomforts, digestive problems, decreased blood circulation, immune dysfunction, and the like.
This could aid blood vessel function which helps to maintain a healthy blood circulation.
Last night, he had a second operation to improve blood circulation to the arm.
For example, a person who needs to control diabetes might also benefit from relaxin's effect of improving blood circulation through the capillaries.
Doctors used this thermogram, or "heat map," to record this smoker's blood circulation.
John Cruikshank, a consultant to ICI Pharmaceuticals in Cheshire, England, and colleagues recently reported that the cramped seating arrangements of many economy-class airplanes slow blood circulation.
TASE:MDCL), a company specializing in innovative non-invasive blood circulation solutions, today announced the appointment of Ambaw Bellete to the position of president of its U.
Gentle spikes in the mat stimulate blood circulation for a sensation like a shiatsu massage.
Also, the seventh paragraph in its entirety should read "The TandemHeart System helps restore blood circulation through a cardiac catheterization procedure in as little as 30 minutes.
The new product uses the company's proprietary thin heating sheet that helps improve blood circulation, alleviating aches and pains in the shoulders, waist and stomach as well as regulating the gastrointestinal functions.
Traditional Chinese Medicine, a system of health care that originated in China about 2500 years ago, teaches that endometriosis is primarily caused by blood stasis, or rather slow or decreased blood circulation.
While the triage lesson was on determining a victim's overall physical and mental state - breathing, blood circulation, lucidity - the search and rescue lesson focused on crucial decisions about stability of damaged buildings.
Jayne's legs were amputated below the knee because of severe blood circulation problems and renal failure.