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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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They hope that someone will recognise the man who has distinctive blond hair.
One is stocky, 5ft 6in, with long, blond hair and wore a light blue shirt, light jeans and red woollen gloves.
The Royal of Simi Valley senior, who had black stars and stripes dyed into his shaved blond hair, capped an unbeaten two-day run at the Southern Section Masters Meet with a pin at the 3-minute, 54-second mark over Santa Ana's Humberto Barrera in the 125-pound championship match at Carter High to continue his march toward a potential state title.
Research suggests that the early humans who lived in this region may have had light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes--just like the people today living in similar regions.
I have yet to meet a guy that seeks out red hair the way some seek out blond hair (which I don't get, but if it's what they want).
In a study of the substantive effect of the quaternized soy peptides, natural blond hair tresses (Secher-Fesnoux, France) were soaked for 10 minutes in 50 ml of a solution containing 2% soy peptides or 2% quaternized soy peptides.
She has talent and blond hair so, presto, she got hired.
Apply rouge (creme, not powder) at the hairline, especially if you have blond hair, to create a difference between face and hair color.
The new guy in town, Derek, is The Hottest Guy Ever, with dirty blond hair, great-fitting jeans, and soccer player legs.
THE SUNBURNED GAIJIN APPROACHED from down the street his long blond hair dancing in the gusts blowing across the bay.
Raphael Academy intruded "into the home and off-campus life" of 15-year-old Russell Gorman III by ordering him to cut his long blond hair.
A Cleveland Police spokesman said Claire is white, medium build, 5ft 4in tall, with mousy blond hair and blue eyes.
A SUICIDE bomber with bleached blond hair blew himself up in the Israeli town of Rishon Letzion last night killing two people.
When she introduced him to her parents he still had his famous dyed blond hair, down to his bum.
Blond hair spews in larval loops from see-through purple panties hung on the wall; brown hair swirls down in buttocklike bunches from a brown hair net; a sinuous brown braid slithers floorward from a splash of blue tulle arranged like a hairpiece on the wall.