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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


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read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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This was in marked contrast to his more optimistic prognostications of the week before on the same blogsite, where he stated his belief that the Lib Dem vote in the forthcoming municipal election could improve because it would primarily be about local issues, especially the mayor, council financial management and the sell-off of local green spaces.
Sklover, has just posted an illuminating article on his blogsite, SkloverWorkingWisdom.
Enterprise Efficiency has launched a German version of its popular blogsite for IT executives and managers, blending news, technology, and analysis for German IT professionals.
blogsite study: Apparel, Tobacco, Entertainment Equipment, Alcohol, Fees and Admissions to Attractions, Vacation Lodging, Pets, Electronics, Gifts and Meals Away from Home.
You can follow the adventures of Scott and Jessi of Edenview Farm on their new blogsite, http://ednvu.
The blogsite is promoted on Azteca America's flagship entertainment show Ventaneando, with the hosts inviting viewers to visit the site, as well as highlighting some of the top postings on the show.
Check out our Anorak City blogsite for the verdict.
On his blogsite, titled ' Not Being Judgmental', his illiberal views on topics ranging from abortion and artistic obscenity to marriage and homosexuality can be sampled.
The journal's current editor, Patrick Spedding, has an associated blogsite at http://scriptandprint.
The first was into the leaking of information to the Liverpool Evil Cabal blogsite, and the second was into the leaking of the medical condition of Mr Harborow.
On the Huffington Post blogsite last week, Lowe said he and Sheryl had taken pre-emptive legal action after learning Jessica Gibson would be making claims against them.
Likewise on The New Republic blogsite, where one of Marty Peretz's minions devotes himself to concocting "Ron Paul is a devil" posts.
Professor Feser has ably defended himself in a detailed response on the blogsite "Right Reason.
The blog, the first of its kind in the racing world - and in case you're still not a computer person, a blogsite is just a place where you can have your say and share experiences - is typical of the innovation which characterises this enterprise.