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plan where and when songs should be inserted into a theatrical production, or plan a theatrical production in general

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prevent from entering

shield from light

indicate roughly

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According to Nielsen Mobile, Tetris was the most downloaded mobile game in 2007, and Tetris Blockout will continue the legacy as the newest addition to EA's robust lineup of Tetris titles, which includes Tetris, a multiplayer version of Tetris, and Tetris[R] Mania.
The DRU enables the operator to specify blockout times (during inactive times such as 3:00 a.
The operator can specify blockout periods to disable the backup which is useful for operations which don't need to transfer data after certain hours.
It includes a blockout layer and offers superb dot control.
The number of rooms allocated for this package may be restricted and are subject to the blockout dates of 11/24/10 - 11/26/10; advance reservations required.
However, the tickets and options are not valid for use on the following blockout dates: March 27, 2010, to April 9, 2010, for all Walt Disney World theme parks and other gated attractions; and July 3 to July 4, 2010, for the Magic Kingdom park.
diameter Figurehead, consisting of a manhole and two risers, all with various blockouts or penetrations; and, the 11-ton Biscuit structure, described by its fabricator as "a variation of a minimum depth cover.
Pressing clip 7 has a hopper 8 with gate valve 9 and rod blockouts 10 installed.
Crash performance of strong-post W-beam guardrail with missing blockouts, International Journal of Crashworthiness 17(1): 93-103.