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a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire

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The blockhouses, launch towers, tunnels, test stands and control rooms featured in 'Abandoned In Place' are rapidly giving way to the elements and demolition.
Then, leading his six men towards the other two blockhouses, he cleared them, taking 60 prisoners, three machineguns and two trench mortars.
It says: "It was the first time men or officers had encountered blockhouses, but the Welsh Guards were not wanting in leaders to tackle them.
How those poor infantry soldiers of the 101st American Division managed to scale the heights under the gunfire from the concrete blockhouses on the top, I just don't know, but the film Saving Private Ryan depicted the scene far better than I can describe it.
The following DHN technical data of micro-districts collected the following: maps of DHN pipes routes, pressures at the gate valve of junction node to the micro-district, pipe diameters and lengths, installed heat capacities of blockhouses for space heating and tap hot water, thermal insulation, old and new commercially available pipes, and pipes' heat losses before and after renovation of DHN, etc.
Described as an obscure speck on the harsh Sicilian landscape, Primosole Bridge was, in 1943, a 400-foot-long box-girder-type bridge not unlike a Bailey bridge, guarded by concrete blockhouses sited at both ends of the span.
Due to their simple design and the abundance of timber, blockhouses were a quick and inexpensive method to protect the troops.
At that time, Fort Meigs was one of the largest forts in the United States, with eight blockhouses each connected by wooden palisades.
As in the decade prior, in the beginning oil 788, the Chickamauga continued to infiltrate into the Franklin settlements from their towns in southeast Tennessee and northern Georgia and attack both soft targets, such as isolated cabins, and hard targets, such as blockhouses, with fair success.
Just like their fellow Soldiers in Siberia, the doughboys soon found themselves fighting from blockhouses and guarding isolated railheads and small villages.
The blockhouses for launch complexes 31 and 32, used to hold equipment and engineers during launches, are the only of their kind in the world.
Vaguely reminiscent of military blockhouses, the work is perhaps best described as a mute, cylindrical antimonument; as such, we could say that it makes semipermanent the ephemeral "Dead Democracy Letters," in keeping with its transposition from the urban periphery to the core.
In Tase's neighborhood there are a lot of sharp copper wires sticking out of the ground, from when they built all those blockhouses.
Towards the end of the conventional phase of the conflict and through the period of transition to irregular warfare, the volunteer forces were posted to isolated blockhouses and ordered to protect communication lines and guard prisoners.
As France relocated its nuclear testing program from the deserts of Algeria to the isolated atolls of French Polynesia, they needed local workers to build wharves, a massive airstrip, concrete blockhouses and the other infrastructure needed for the test site.