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a vote proportional in magnitude to the number of people that a delegate represents

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So the block vote has gone and, in any case, leaders will now openly declare that, not only will such "unhelpful" motions not become manifesto promises if they do miraculously make it past the Conference Arrangements Committee, they will in fact be ignored completely and with some enthusiasm.
In all, 46 candidates remained in the running for 16 board seats, with Finance Ministry Director General Christos Patsalides casting a block vote, representing the 18% stake of the "legacy Laiki" depositors.
We can't continue to view our relationship with them through the prism of the block vote.
It's that time of year again when Terry Wogan takes the mickey, some Balkan backwater takes the prize, and the UK tries to avoid taking the wooden spoon as the block votes pile up against us.
They are furious about the PM's two per cent ceiling on public sector wage claims and his plans to strip them of block votes on Whitehall policy.
They also serve who do it with-out making big speeches and casting block votes.
Senate Democrats had used filibuster rules to block votes on Brown and Pryor.
It was very difficult to do deals, it was all block votes and confederation wheeler-dealing, Asia were with Europe and Africa with South America, and we were simply squeezed out.
In a five-page memo from Democratic lawyer Mark Herron, Democratic counters were told to block votes that did not have a postmark.
Union block votes would then be split proportionally when the party chooses mayoral candidates in future.
Under the proportional representation system, political groups and parties submit lists of their candidates before the election and will be given seats in accordance with their share of block votes.
He said: "The results of the Prestatyn North division have been checked confirming that unfortunately the block votes for one Labour candidate (Penlington) were inadvertently allocated to a Conservative candidate (Pennington).
That would mean five of the board's 15 members would have the power to block votes they don't like, giving more sway to the board's Democrats - there are four - and moderate Republicans.
Democrats desperately needed Ms Coakley to win to secure a 60th vote to thwart Republican procedural manoeuvres to block votes.
The meeting was carved up by the ruling majority of Conservatives, who used their block votes to reject any moves suggested by the other political parties to inject some common sense into the so-called consultation exercise on whether the Bryneithin Home closes.