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a letter dealing with business

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If there is a downside, the fabric of some of the hotels,built years ago in the rather intimidating,old Soviet block style,need urgent upgrades.
The block style in the above example is (to me) uninviting.
Two new jacquard designs, a graphic block style and a combination of placed stripes and mingle-blocks, coordinate back to the solid colors.
This CPU is 24V DC-powered and offers eight DC inputs combined with eight relay outputs and uses a convenient terminal block style interface.
Dam: Bulk material (solid) 30,000 m3 Overflow edge 240 m Greening 12~620 m2 Dammkronen- and maintenance of roads 700 m Water works: ME[micro]hlinbachumleitung 230 m 8~100t block style SteinpflEnsterung in concrete Culvert structure and wing walls in situ: 650 m3 concrete Formwork 1~900 m2 Reinforcement (limp) 75 t Pipeline: Sewer Hellikon / Zuzgen: 40 m double pipe: Inner pipe DN 315 HDPE SDR 26; Outer pipe DN 400 HDPE SDR 17 Zeiningen: 60 m double pipe inner pipe DN 500 HDPE, HDPE outer pipe DN 700 Electric: laying conduits DN 100, L = 720 m Drainage conduit: 120 m
The tables are available in various styles such as the block style, the cube pattern or the practical ones that come with drawer(s).
Team Leader for Kirklees Community Fire Safety, Nick Stenhouse, said plugging household items into cheap block style adapters could cause electrical fires, and that residents should buy the safer strip adapters.
The S60 compact photoelectric sensor family includes a comprehensive range of sensing, mounting, and connection choices in one global standard 50x50mm block style configuration.
In the final 12 months of this testing, our steel distribution pallet had less than a five percent damage rate, which is five times less than the average damage rate of a traditional wood block style pallet.
A[cedilla] Install new block style fill material with air seal on 5 inch fiberglass supports.
Eupen's durable, mono block style one-piece connector provides ease of installation and superior electrical sweep test results.
It's tax information H&R Block style, powered by the collective knowledge of more than 50 years in the business.
Supports an open systems building block style of hardware and
Personalized: Offering a touch of class and style to golf grips, personalized grips can be created in either script or block style lettering and are available in white or gold.