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Synonyms for blockbuster

a large bomb used to demolish extensive areas (as a city block)

an unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales (especially a movie or play or recording or novel)

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And after watching this show we will all be desperately trying to write a block buster as the inspirational story of JK Rowling unfolds.
Simply stated, this is the kind of story that Hollywood block buster movies are made from.
The man was lead actor Kuno Becker shooting a quick scene for the pounds 26m block buster.
Now they can gorge on the sort of nail biting, thrill-on-every-page block buster that earned the American semi-recluse sales figures of more than 500 million and a readership in more than 40 countries.
SmartSMS[TM] differs from the others by being the first to develop unique marketing concepts that incorporate the latest innovations in mobile technology that create block buster campaigns.
The big keeper was happy to watch United defender Stephen Stewart drill a 40 yard block buster wide in a second half which was almost as dreary as the first.
Miquel Desouza produced a real block buster for WYCOMBE to beat Chesterfield 1-0.
In 2009, Lucentis, a block buster drug of Genentech, was the leading player in the global macular degeneration market.
A deftly written and riveting work, "Killing Sharks: De Profundis" is a great read and the stuff of which block buster movies are made.
The Novel Khaak aur Khoon was dramatized into a movie with the same name and is one of few block buster movies that Lollywood or Lahore film industry has ever produced.
Critique: Shamron Moore's "Hollywood Strip" is not only a terrific novel--it would make an ideal story for one of those summertime block buster movies
PIRATE costumes sail into first place in the fancy dress ball parade at Haven Holidays as young fans emulate swashbuckling hero Jack Sparrow, star of the block buster movie Pirates of the Caribbean.