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United States pianist and composer of operas and musical plays (1905-1964)

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Blitzstein enlisted in the air forces in August 1942 at age 37 and headed to London in October, attached to the Eighth Air Force.
Prevented by padlocks and guards from using the theatre in which they had been rehearsing--or the sets, props, or costumes--and by the musician's and actor's unions from involving any of their members in an alternate performance, they rented another theatre, the Venice, encouraged the assembled audience to attend, and staged the premiere on 16 June 1937 on a bare stage with Blitzstein performing the score on the piano while most of the original performers sang their roles from seats in the auditorium.
Filmmaker and actor Tim Robbins captured that moment in his 1999 film, Cradle Will Rock, taking its (abridged) title from the confrontational labor musical written by Marc Blitzstein in 1937, which helped to hasten the demise of the Federal Theatre Project.
These included his mentors (the conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos and the composer Aaron Copland), composer colleagues (Marc Blitzstein, Paul Bowles, and David Diamond, to name just a few), and musical theater collaborators (the dancer-choreographer Jerome Robbins, playwright-novelist Arthur Laurents, and composerlyricist Stephen Sondheim).
In support of her viewpoint, Saal points out that Marc Blitzstein, the creator of the show, noted that it was aimed at the middle class.
It was written my Kurt Weill, Bertholt Brecht and Mark Blitzstein for the stage show Dreigroschenoper (The Three-penny Opera) in 1956.
The "bio" part of this bio-bibliography of American composer, lyricist, and music critic Marc Blitzstein (1905-1964) consists merely of a three-page biographical essay and a brief family genealogy.
Following his first residency in 1930, Aaron Copland brought to Ames' attention two young composers, Marc Blitzstein, "he is extremely musical in a general way--musical almost to a fault, by which I mean at times the music seems to flow almost too easily," as well as Walter Piston, "his work is extremely competent though not as original as Blitzstein's.
Also on hand are the harried composer Marc Blitzstein and the urbane actor Martin Gabel.
Gordon, Mark the Music: The Life and Work of Marc Blitzstein (New York, 1989), 213.
In the early 1930s, for example, a group of young composers and musicians--including Marc Blitzstein (author of the musical "The Cradle Will Rock"), Charles Seeger (a well-known composer and musicologist, and father of folk singer Pete Seeger) and Aaron Copland--formed the "composers' collective" to write music that would serve the cause of the working class.
Bolcom has earned numerous awards for his compositions, including the 2e Prix from the Paris Conservatoire, a BMI award, two Guggenheim fellowships, several Rockefeller Foundation awards, the Pulitzer Prize for music, the March Blitzstein Award from the Academy of Arts and Letters and many others.
Will Geer, the Theatricum's founder and Ellen Geer's father, was in Orson Welles' famed Federal Theatre Project production of ``Cradle'' in 1937, an event that - as film director Tim Robbins demonstrated - was far more interesting than the product Blitzstein actually put on stage.
Murdered in 1964, aged 58, by three sailors he'd met in a Martinique bar, Marc Blitzstein is not a household name.
Shortly before his death, he lost his licence to operate the family-owned Horseshoe Club casino when the Nevada Gaming Commission censured him for repeated heroin abuse and his close relationship with slain Mafia mobster Herbie Blitzstein.