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United States pianist and composer of operas and musical plays (1905-1964)

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Blitzstein is no Brecht, even if ``The Cradle Will Rock'' is dedicated to the ``Threepenny Opera'' composer.
Though homosexual, Blitzstein had married Eva Goldbeck, a political soul mate, and it was she who introduced him to the writings of Brecht.
Shortly before his death, he lost his licence to operate the family-owned Horseshoe Club casino when the Nevada Gaming Commission censured him for repeated heroin abuse and his close relationship with slain Mafia mobster Herbie Blitzstein.
Blitzstein, played by the very underrated Hank Azaria, asks Welles if there is a difference between being The Shadow on radio and being a spokesman for soap.
The FBI dossier on composer Marc Blitzstein read, "Wears mustache, horn-rimmed glasses, elongate, elongated slightly hooked nose, soft-spoken, theatrical mannerisms.
Fat Herbie Blitzstein was a notorious loan shark who had carved himself out a piece of the action in the neon mecca.
In addition to Hemingway, John Ferno, Helen van Dongen, Irving Reis, Marc Blitzstein, and Virgil Thomson all labored individually and together, under the creative and brilliant direction of Joris Ivens, selecting and integrating the film footage with sounds, music, script, and narration.
Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera became known to American audiences in the Marc Blitzstein adaptation, which introduced the English lyrics of "Mack the Knife.
He focuses on playwright Mark Blitzstein (Hank Azaria), who rose to fame when his drama, which attacked the right-wing politicians of Thirties America, was banned.
First there was the 1952 adaptation by gay composer Marc Blitzstein of Weill's Weimar Republic masterpiece, The Threepenny Opera, a major hit when it opened off Broadway with the composer's widow, Lotte Lenya.
Just as the composer Franz Liszt was more than a transcriber of Beethoven symphonies, Schubert lieder, and Wagner arias, Marc Blitzstein, the translator of Die Dreigroschenoper, deserves far more recognition as a composer in his own right than he has so far received.
production of ``The Three Penny Opera'' is the 1953 translation by Marc Blitzstein that played on Broadway, and it's this version that we are most familiar with.
actors, and other collaborators, they do not represent any historical or critical consensus of "important" musicals--what one might expect in a pedagogical resource--as, for example, none of the shows of Harold Arlen, Marc Blitzstein, Rudolf Friml, Jerry Herman, Sigmund Romberg, or Kurt Weill receive more than a passing reference
And in Tim Robbins' multicharacter production of ``The Cradle Will Rock,'' Azaria is Marc Blitzstein, the writer/composer of the controversial title musical, an Orson Welles stage production that was the only American play ever shut down by the government.
Maxwell Anderson), and "Speak Low" (lyric, Ogden Nash) enjoyed special success, but none rose to the posthumous megahit status of "Mack the Knife" (with Brecht's lyrics adapted by composer-lyricist Marc Blitzstein as part of the latter's 1954 English translation of The Threepenny Opera).