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Synonyms for blitzkrieg

a swift advance or attack


Synonyms for blitzkrieg

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

fight a quick and surprising war

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This is not responsible development, it is a blitzkreig attack upon the planning system.
But City Of Life actor Sonu Sood -- who hardly features in any of the promotional blitzkreig alongside Khan -- harbours no such insecurities.
A European seat here or a council seat there would give the BNP a foothold on power which could turn into a blitzkreig.
The French soldiers are shown to have fought bravely, but were led by men clearly not up to the task, whose response to the German Blitzkreig was to lapse into doing nothing about it.
JOHN HODGSON, the former Blitzkreig Bop'per and Basczax keyboardist surfaced as Red Sky to twice herald Boro cup finals now he's recorded a full fledged album provocatively titled Live Young Die Fast.
Highlights include the blitzkreig rock of Dresden's Ultimatum, the raw acoustic power of Katie Sutherland's Anymore and the heavy post-Britpop indie of The Black Alley Screens' The Camera Never Lies.
It was like blitzkreig or shellshock (in the first game).
Scot Stephen Hendry's 71 minutes previous record time during a 6-0 International Open semifinal victory over Dave Harold 13 years ago, went into the shredder as O'Sullivan destroyed Dale with a blitzkreig of heavy scoring.
Paul Heaton has described it as ``an opportunity to ruin songs we liked and turn songs we didn't into masterpieces'' and it features such bizarre numbers as The Ramones' Blitzkreig Bop and even Grease's anthem You're The One That I Want, all re-imagined, in The Beautiful South's unique way.
Indeed, the only other group mentioned specifically in the Bishops' statements as victims of Nazism was Poland, the victim of Blitzkreig.
In the event the German Blitzkreig simply outflanked it, though some at least of these blockhouses did see action, as a rubbing of a memorial stone placed on one of them ten years after the fall of France testifies.
Joint EBO resembles Blitzkreig, with its emphasis on exploiting movement and human factors (fear, fatigue, and uncertainty) to achieve quick success in land operations.
But after just half an hour at Boundary Park yesterday, Hammam could have sat back and lit a cigar, safe in the knowledge that his expensively assembled team had taken a giant stride towards the play-offs with an opening period display of blitzkreig proportions.
Stripped down and raw (a path forged by the Sonics and their ilk in the '60s as a reaction to over-productj6n and extras such as symphonic accompaniment), it came out as a CD a few years ago, but now Aspirations is available on vinyl through Rock 'n' Roll Blitzkreig Records.