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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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For instance, unit-dose blister packaging of pharmaceuticals allows both visual and mental reminders to patients on their daily dose.
Engineered tablet feeding systems for blister packaging applications
One option is blister packaging, which consists of cavities made from thermoformed plastic (or another formable web), and backed with a lidding seal of aluminum foil or plastic.
The new Noack N 623 blister packaging technology together with its automatic feeding system, filling inspection and ejection station and shorter set-up times can be configured to manufacture both thermoform and coldform materials with maximum blister sizes of 220mm x 155mm.
Blister Packaging of medications is a revolutionary concept in the reading, packaging and distribution of pharmaceuticals.
The HM400R blister packaging machine is fully CE compliant and has a base price of 200,000 [euro] plus options.
Shorewood Packaging, New York, NY, introduces Bend & Peel, a child-resistant/senior friendly blister packaging system for the pharmaceutical industry.
Designed to attach a blister packaging to an adhesive lacquered card, the SL4538 can perform a wide range of applications and is suitable for a broad spectrum of customers.
Soluol supplies a variety of industries including industrial and architectural coatings, adhesives, blister packaging, medical, textile and several other allied industries.
LYSSY water vapor transmission testers are used to assess the quality of nonwovens, films, blister packaging, metallized foils, impermeable fabrics, PUR-coated fabrics for nursing and surgical and hygienic membranes.
Soluol provides a wide range of polyurethanes to the coatings, textile, adhesives, blister packaging, medical and other related industries.
Blister packaging will provide the best worldwide growth prospects among all pharmaceutical packaging products, with demand increasing over 6 percent annually to US$4 billion in 2005.
The B 45 Blister Packaging Machine; Verif-i, Track & Trace solution for Packaging Machine; and the FLUIDOCAP 1000, Liquid and Pastes Filling Encapsulation Machine bag the prestigious awards honouring excellence in Pharma industry packaging
Rapid growth of pharmaceutical industry, growing demand for drug delivery devices & blister packaging and nanotechnology contribute for the market growth.
com/research/7nf7rh/global_blister) has announced the addition of the "Global Blister Packaging Market - Market Trends and Forecasts (2015 - 2020)" report to their offering.