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(Judaism) thin pancake folded around a filling and fried or baked

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Bake, uncovered, in a 350[degrees] oven until cheese in melted and blintzes are hot throughout, 20 to 25 minutes.
There are more ways to break the Yom Kippur fast than just bagels, cream cheese, lox and blintzes.
Whatever the source of the tradition, Shavuot has lodged itself in the minds of many as the holiday of cheesecake and blintzes.
All the deli classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including overstuffed sandwiches, beef brisket, chicken noodle soup, Nova salmon, the classic Reuben sandwich, potato pancakes and cheese blintzes.
That includes dishes like frittatas, updated quiches (add ingredients like caramelized onions or grated Asiago cheese and lobster pieces to make them chic), cheese blintzes with mixed berry sauce and orange and cherry bread and butter pudding or other stratas.
De Pina, the ice man turned fireworks maker and sometime artist's model, and Magda Harout does delicious double duty as the tipsy actress and the Grand Duchess of Russia who comes in late to make blintzes.
Today, the fundraisers have morphed into food fairs where the communities boast of serving authentic New York deli food as well as "start from scratch" Jewish kugels, blintzes, and schnecken.
Try the pumpkin filling on top of golden brown cheese blintzes for a decadent holiday brunch dessert.
But its ``universal'' kitchen also comes up with quail stuffed with couscous, sturgeon with pomegranate sauce, blintzes, octopus salad, eel salad, pork chops with blackberry emulsion, ribeye and filet mignon steaks and beef stroganoff.
You'll find the old stand-bys and basics like chicken soup, challah, brisket, matzo balls, chopped liver, gefilte fish, blintzes, kugels and rugelach - some with different variations on the theme.
Depending on the hour and your mood, the meal lends itself to a mix of creations - ranging from egg dishes, blintzes, jam-stuffed crepes and quesadillas to fruit platters, assorted roasted vegetables, sweet yeast or quick breads and even salads and open-face sandwiches.
The favorite breads are braided challah, bagels and rye bread while the favored desserts include fruit and cheese blintzes, cheesecakes, strudels, honey cakes and tortes.
Nearby on the "hot" table, grilled swordfish, pork tenderloin and free-range chicken breasts topped in a Mediterranean salsa mingle with eggs Benedict and heavenly cheese blintzes smothered in a warm berry compote.
She didn't even like blintzes herself, but her little boy did.
The majority of those received were made using prepared frozen store-bought cheese blintzes.