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flashy, ostentatious jewelry


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I think overall the bling-bling factor has almost had its run now.
But even if you're not into the drama scene, maybe you're looking to put excitement back into the romance--even the most sizzle-fizzle relationships lose some bling-bling over time.
High earners are shunning bling-bling and indulging in a passion for second-hand shopping.
A shot of a gold chain being drawn through the links of a fence begins and ends the video, tying bling-bling to both the chains that ghosts rattle and those that shackled slaves.
With the help of her fellow flight attendants, Montana orchestrates an outrageous coast-to-coast scheme that conveniently puts her on planes with former flames that have the most marriage potential: Damon Diesel, a bling-bling music producer; the Reverend Curtis P.
The film takes the fashions of the 50s/60s and magnifies them until they are bold, bright and with even more bling-bling than Sex and the City.
Buoyant and witty, Spirit in Stone is a welcome tonic for the bling-bling weary.
A small cadre of men wearing a large cache of chains, pierces, cuffs, and assorted sterling silver bling-bling were waiting for their no-doubt-distressed calfskin duffel bags.
Well, then you probably aren't among the estimated 250,000 people who came from far and wide to party to the hip-hop beat, to see and to be seen, wearing bling-bling (and sometimes little else), rolling in tricked out Escalades and 7s, fitted with 20s and spinners.
Dyson's remark raises the question, how visionary can a hip-hop political movement be that is closely tied to the same ol', same ol', ghetto bling-bling reportage that dominates so much of the rap music incessantly blared into our communities.
Son of a university professor, the 27-year-old producer-turned-rapper, who purposely registers low on the bling-bling scale, has seen close friend Legend's debut disc, ``Get Lifted,'' climb to No.
Speaking of which, Lulu wore a bling-bling knuckle-duster which would have got her barred from some pubs in her home town of Glasgow.
The funnyman reckons Lexus is a Japanese Mercedes - and, truthfully, the IS300 gives all the refinement of its German rivals without the boastful bling-bling factor.
CAVEMEN were the first to indulge in a bling-bling lifestyle.
We're pulling kids away from the bling-bling rap world.