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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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Blind tastings are fun, if you're not afraid to make a fool out of yourself.
Geyser Peak Winery is putting its two new vintages, a 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma and a 1997 Reserve Alexandre Meritage from the Alexander Valley, to the test through its Geyser Peak Reserve Challenge program, a nationwide blind tasting tour aimed at retailers and restaurant operators.
In all, the Professional Panel Blind Tasting gave awards in 32 different categories.
Founded in 1976, it publishes 15 issues per year and covers the entire world of wine, reviewing more than 15,000 wines each year in independent blind tastings.
This wine, from one of the oldest family-owned wineries in the country, had the highest score of over 3,500 wines tasted from 41 countries The blind tastings were conducted by 150 members of an international judging panel.
The course was intense, 9am to 10pm each day, and the examination was difficult, especially the blind tastings, but I am thrilled to have passed.
Additional topics will include developing a wine list, staging a successful winemaker dinner, the basics for conducting blind tastings, and building powerful on-premise incentive programs.
Herefordshire College of Technology is running a cookery school that's laying on blind tastings, bread making and a Generation Game
The competition pitted beer of international origins head to head in blind tastings conducted by Toronto's Gambrinus Society in conjunction with a number of local Ontario brewmasters.
On July 12 & 13 distinguished producers will guide blind tastings to explore Riesling styles, from powerful dry wines of Austria, Alsace and Australia to the elegant German variations and flavorful, spicy interpretations from North America.
The consumers participated in blind tastings judging entrants on aroma, taste, and finish.
Analyzing test results from blind tastings conducted by the panel, Riere concluded that Diam was the closure that best showcased fruity characteristics of wine.
The top wines are then showcased at the Pinot Noir Summit where attendees participate in workshops, blind tastings and the Grand Awards Tasting.
Winemaker Adam Lee, who together with Franscioni makes the ROAR wines, was shocked by the almost unanimous vote for the Garys' Vineyard Pinot Noir, saying "I've participated in countless blind tastings and have never seen a wine win by such a significant margin.
During its annual Great Taste Awards, food and drink entries undergo rigorous examination and a series of blind tastings.