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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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While Wednesday evening will feature the Battle of the Beers, as 19 local breweries put forth new brews made using only British malts and hops, and judges pick their favourite in a blind taste test.
A blind taste test was aimed at getting them to try new vegetables and ones they thought they didn't like.
When the European Parliament held a blind taste test for its members in May, only one in 10 could identify the ingredients correctly.
A blind taste test of 30 bottles of supermarket bubbly revealed a top trio of "excellent" quality, said food critic Egon Ronay.
But in a blind taste test, it was preferred by readers over an award-winning MacSween.
In blind taste tests, consumers preferred the soda's new formula to its century-old predecessor, but no one actually wanted to part with something so tied to the nation's cultural identity, even for an improvement.
Added to the list was a bottle of Tesco Premier Cru Champagne Brut that came top in a blind taste test by Which?
But they have fooled many connoisseurs who, in blind taste tests, were unable to distinguish them from imported varieties.
In a blind taste test, is there a difference between diet and regular soda?
Various events, including target shooting, chipping, trap shooting, archery, a blind taste test and trivial pursuit were part of the day's events, which was such a success that it is now held every Autumn.
They then put a hole through the corn prepared the old way to make it indistinguishable from the other corn for blind taste tests by 16 volunteers.
th] Overall Gold Medal in international blind taste competitions -- a Double Gold f rom "The Fifty Best" 2015 Imported Vodka Competition , awarded for the second consecutive year.
This year 35 airlines from across the globe entered a selection of their finest wines for two days of blind taste testing.
True connoisseurs will be less surprised than many to hear of the success of supermarket Champagnes in a blind taste test conducted by Egon Ronay.
Caption: Aun-tea attempts to give her friend a blind taste test for Tetley's Decaffeinated tea, in the company's latest ad, but it doesn't go quite to plan.